Moab jumpers fundraise for local SAR group

It’s been a rough year in the BASE world, fatality-wise. Many incredible jumpers met their demise, and others had incredible rescues, thanks to resourceful friends and the efforts of local Search & Rescue teams. Moab, UT is one of the most uniquely beautiful places on the planet and a rarity in that BASE jumps are legal there. The combination of breathtaking beauty, plenty of sites to jump and play – the area is really just one giant outdoorsy playground – brings a multitude of jumpers to town every year. By Matt Laj Over the Edge Moab is putting on a BASE Turkey Boogie from November 27th – December 1st in Moab (more information about that on their website), so a lot of jumpers will be in town for that. Local jumper Matt Laj is using the opportunity the influx of people to organize a fundraising effort to benefit the local SAR squad. This event is independent from the actual boogie and is twofold:

  • Wednesday November 26th: Raffle (of epic proportions)
  • Thursday November 27th: Accuracy competition (epic-ness also expected)

Matt Laj, one of the organizers noted this on the event page:

PD New Beginning

Moab is an area that is extremely special for many reasons. Not only is it one of the most beautiful places on the planet, but it is also an area that has long supported BASE jumping. This year it is time for BASE jumpers to give back. We are holding a few events to raise money for the local search and rescue team. The search and rescue team plays an enormous role in supporting BASE jumpers and all outdoor enthusiasts. This Thanksgiving let’s make sure that “SAR” knows that we are thankful for their efforts. We are holding a raffle to give away all kinds of awesome BASE goodies. Stash bags, camera mounts, discounts on BASE rigs, pilot chutes, free skydive rating courses (with proper qualifications), body armor, helmets, T-shirts, and many more prizes have already been donated. The prizes are still coming in, so be sure to buy raffle tickets! We are also holding an accuracy event. It will be $10 to enter the event. The money raised will be split between the winner and being donated to Search and Rescue. We are still looking for more donations and suggestions on ways to raise more money, so let us know what you have! Otherwise, show up and have fun for a good cause. That is all we are asking!

The fundraising efforts this year are dedicated to the memory of Mario Richard. Mario lived and worked in Moab and tirelessly worked to open exit points, design and improve BASE gear, set up ropes, push limits and improve safety – and did it all with a smile. If you would like to be a part but can’t make it to the boogie or fundraiser, you can contact Matt directly for instructions on how to donate or volunteer your time. Visit the Facebook event page and scroll around for updates with list of prizes that have been donated along with daily updates until the event. We hope it is a great success and look forward to a write-up by Matt after it’s all said and done!

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