Why do you boogie?

Why do you Boogie?
Why do you Boogie?
Written by Kolla

A lot of dropzones have interesting traditions – for Skydive Palatka it’s the Hog Flop.
And what is a Hog Flop?  We could sort of tell you, but figured it would be better to get the official word straight from Skydive Palatka staff member Alison Bawden.

Ali ended up taking 2nd place with her team (The Flying V’s), with official Flop Time of 12.7 seconds.

PD New Beginning

Then we busted out the whiteboard and asked the Hog Floppers to look deep, deep within their souls and answer the question: Why do you Boogie?


If you want to know why swoopers compete, we can tell you that too.

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