TNT Brothers – boogie in Bucharest

Now the northern half of the planet is starting to see some cooler temperatures (in some instances WAY cooler, along with white fluffy stuff), it’s time to sit down in front of the computer and edit all of the awesome summer footage you captured last year.

That is exactly what German skydiver Max Heidenfelder did.
He started skydiving just this past summer and says he was lucky enough to get to hang out with some of the good guys. One thing led to another and before he knew, it was road-trips and boogies, and all kinds of fun jumps. A lot of jumps – 200 of them in the past 4 months.  I guess you could say that Max took a liking to skydiving.

Max has a bit of a talent for video making. He ran into dropzone owner Dragos Buero and his wife  Aliana at the Pink Canopy Piloting Open in 2013. They run a fairly new facility just a few miles out of the heart of Bucharest, sporting awesome bunkhouses and facilities for visiting jumpers (TNT Brothers). After seeing Max’s videos, Aliana and Dragos invited him to come visit their dropzone in Romania for an upcoming boogie. The lineup of organizers was impressive, featuring Tim Porter (legendary organizer), Mic Sweeney (FS/Big ways), Aurelian Marquet (FF and tracking), Mihai Zamfir (FF and Tracking), Andrea Piesta, Bogdan and Dragos.

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Romania is not a place that has been known for it’s boogie scene, and is generally a little low on the radar of most travelers.  It’s tucked away in Southeastern Europe, bordering the Black Sea. The history of Romania is vast and interesting, and includes much more than vampires.  And after seeing this video, it looks like it might be time for more of us to head down that way. 

Check out more good stuff from the TNT Brothers by liking their Facebook page – the next big event planned is the Spring Boogie May 21st-25th, 2014.

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