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Speed Flying for Skydivers

Angie Aragon, a tandem instructor from Skydive Perris is learning how to speed fly in California right now, and will tell you all about it soon! In her words, “I am a Tandem/AFF instructor with approximately 2,600 jumps and work at Skydive Perris. Over the years I have seen many friends attempt Speed Flying without proper training or without a proper mentor to teach them. Because of this I thought I would never try it for myself even though it seemed like a lot of fun. Duane [Hall] educated me on how this could be done safely in a classroom setting with proper training.”

Sky families are the best families. |

In the meantime, enjoy these photos of Angie in her first speed flying course, and read up on what a badass she is in the latest Hussy Mag!

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