October Hunt: winner winner, chicken dinner!

I really have no idea where that saying comes from – but all my American friends are quick to use it, and I like to sound like I fit in. Plus, the Urban Dictionary has an interesting entry on the topic. The cost of chicken dinners has gone way up since that phrase was coined, and so have your skydives. Gas. Your gear. Pretty much everything but your salary. Which is why we are stoked to have a this new feature on our pages, getting our lovely reader some FREE STUFF.  Can I get an Amen?

Dewey, geared up for a summer jump in WI. Photo by Missy Keough.

Dewey, geared up for a summer jump in WI. Photo by Missy Keough.

Our October Hunt – the first one ever (we bought the beer) has come to a close and the internet has randomly selected a winner from correct submissions. We proudly present you our first great Hunter: Dewey Morrison from Green Bay Skydivers, WI.  Dewey now owes beer for being the first winner. Sorry pal, but those are the rules. From what we understand, your pals at Green Bay will make sure you pay up.


The hidden 3 Ring Necklace

Dewey correctly identified a picture of a 3 Ring Necklace hidden in plain view around the neck of a lovely maiden on page 39 in our October issue (issue #47). So did a good few others, and as a matter of fact we did not receive a single wrong answer. But then again, we wanted it to be easy for the first one.

PD New Beginning

Our bonus winners are:

  • Kelley Williams, FL – Blue Skies Mag t-shirt in red.
  • Brian Marcus, VA – Blue Skies Mag t-shirt in sexy black.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to play. Now that you know how the game works, we are happy to announce that you will have to work a little harder next time. Details for the November Hunt will be announced next week, stay tuned!



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