Premature Opening on a Helicopter Jump

Helicopter jumps can be very exciting – although in this particular jumps, the excitement got to be a bit much. This incident took place last July but since it has popped up on news services again, we figured it would serve as a good reminder for the weekend. Check that pin like your life depends on it – because it just may!

On the video, you can see the jumper (James Dobb) carefully climb out on the helicopter skid – and then you can see the pilot chute and d-bag having deployed through the skid. Jumper then cuts away (with the RSL deploying his reserve) as the jumpers on board work to get the canopy back inside and secured the best they can.

James is reported to have been using rented gear and not packed himself.

PD New Beginning

We are not sure why he jumped with the visor open – but then again I’ll admit to have left the plane with the goggles still up on my totally cool frap hat that one time…

News report: (with video and stills from video)

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