216 years later… thank you André-Jaques Garnerin!

Back in 1797, on a crisp fall day (I presume, because I have no way to know exactly), Frenchman André-Jaques Garnerin became the first person to make a jump with a parachute, from a balloon.  Andre was an avid balloon flyer and is considered the inventor of the frameless parachute.

216 years later things have changed and improved pretty dramatically, and jumpers around the world continue to pursue the boundaries of human flight using parachutes. Except Gary Connery, who that one time choose to go without.

PD New Beginning

Google is commemorating the day by putting up a fun, interactive doodle, where you can follow in the footsteps of Garnerin and pilot your own little basket suspended under a round to safety. Be warned, that thing picks up quite a bit of speed during the turns!

Google commemorates 216 years of parachuting

Google commemorates 216 years of parachuting

Visit the Bonjour Paris website to read an article about Garnerin and the first jump.

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