Dat Landing Area!

Go Fast!

2013 Go Fast Games, by Jimmy Pouchert

Jimmy Pouchert from Apex BASE Moab told you about the 2013 Go Fast Games in Puente Baluarte, Mexico, in issue #45. Remember how sketchy he said the landing area was? In his words,

…you must be a canopy wizard to set up in the right place before you enter to be able to hit the mark. I personally love to challenge myself with technical landing areas, but I was like, “Whoa, this is intense.” We had just invited 50 friends to jump into one of the most technical landing areas we had ever seen, anywhere. Uh, oh. There was a very distinct possibility that one of our friends could be seriously injured or killed at this event, no kidding.

PD New Beginning

I read it of course, and thought, “Yeah, tough landing area.” I even saw the pictures and thought, “Oh, that’s tight.” But then I watched Episode 2 of Planet Douggs, the sweet-ass web series Douggs is up to lately, and “Whoa, this is intense.” became a wild understatement. See for yourself. Could you do it?

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