The Hunt: let’s play a game

It’s not exactly a secret that skydivers love free stuff – with a passion so burning hot it could melt the ice caps. Skydivers also like to play, and many jumpers have been known to avoid growing up altogether (or at least get thoroughly in touch with their inner child any time they step a foot on a dropzone).

We approached our advertisers – makers & sellers of awesome skydiving gear – and asked a couple if they would be willing to donate some goodies to our readers to allow us to test the format out. The answer was a resounding yes, so we set off to make it happen.  Thus idea of The Hunt was born. From here on out, as long as we have willing participants, each issue of Blue Skies Magazine will have a little something something hidden on the pages of the magazine. It can be a logo, photo, mug shot, word, a sentence, a spirit animal or whatever else we might come up with.  The item can be hidden in a photo, be its own photo, be an illustration, a part of an illustration, hiding in a feature, lying low on your address label, or whatever else the Head Gamemaker (aka esteemed Graphics Dude) can think of.  The only exception is advertisements.  Ads may hold clues or suggestions, but the item you are searching for won’t be a part of an ad. To keep you on your toes, we reserve the right to change the rules at any time, for any reason.

Each month, we will publish a post (like this one!) to notify you that there is a new Hunt up and running. They difficulty will vary, and the prizes will vary.  Once you think you have hunted down the item in question, note down the page number and visit The Hunt page to submit your answer. The Hunt will on average be open for 7-10 days, to allow the magazine to reach as many readers as possible. If you are not a current subscriber, you can fix that here, or pester your friend(s) to borrow a copy. You do not need to be a subscriber to win. For current subscribers, we should point out that sharing the page number with your friends does not increase YOUR odds of winning, but may  back to you in the form of good Karma.
At the end of the Hunt, we will randomly select a lucky winner from the correct answers.  Winner will be notified via email and must respond, so that we can verify mailing address and/or get any other information needed for the prize.  If we do not get a response within 72 hrs, the winnings will roll down to the next randomly drawn name. For the first Hunt, we are opening the gates early and leaving them open about two weeks. In the future, The Hunt will only be on for 7-9 days during the latter half of the month.

3 Ring Necklace is our first Hunt sponsor and will be donating a handmade 3 Ring Necklace to a lucky winner! Please feel free to visit their Facebook page or website to browse their goods and say thanks for playing!

PD New Beginning

3 Ring Necklace ad 2 v2

 Since this is our first hunt, we will draw a couple more random prizes out as well. Lucky random players will have a chance to win a Blue Skies Mag t-shirt, a SkyGod t-shirt, a free 1yr US subscription, stickers and such.  Winners will be contacted via email to verify that mailing address provided is accurate. Same 72 hr response rule applies (see above).  Now let’s get playing, and may the odds ever be in your favor!

Now that you are up and up on the rules, visit the Hunt page for your clue, grab a copy of the October issue of Blue Skies Magazine (issue #47) and get to work.


The Fine Print: we reserve the right to change the rules and game format at any time, for any reason, or for no reason at all. We are not planning on it – but you just never know. Plus, it’s not really a real game unless there is fine print, is it?



  • I was all excited to have found it and then I went to the Hunt page and realized that the page gives away what the image is. To me, the fun was wondering what exactly I was looking for. That was the only image that was divorced of any context or advertisement, so I figured it was “it.” Would you consider, for some future versions, NOT showing us the image and making it a bit more challenging to find “that which doesn’t belong?” :)

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