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Ink of the Week: We are all mad here

Say hi to the right hand side of JoJo B, a Florida jumper currently residing in DeLand. We can only imagine that the golden clouds were inspired by the Florida sunshine and launching a 4-way round is almost a rite of passage for any jumper. Twin Otters are so common in Florida that they could probably be considered the state bird – so of course one of those gets to tag along.


JoJo in the pondHere’s my tattoo!  It’s a twatter twat! Plus a four-way. I got this image because I thought it would make the most beautiful skydiving tattoo. Plus I could get it with the clouds. The letters in the clouds are all the initials of some people who were influential in my skydiving life. Plus the beauty of the initials instead of names is that I can add more people to the meanings of them or add more initials later to include more people. (Or kick people out if I stop liking them.  

I absolutely love it and though it hurt like a bitch, it was completely worth it.

PD New Beginning


ddddLe charme discret de la Bourgeoisie: Visual narratives: Concepts of identity and personal distancing

The real purpose of any aesthetic strategy is to narrate the self, to be emotionally involved, to utilize the field of action and  in a process of creation to take ownership. There is no greater sense of ownership and commitment then the owner being the material itself. Almost contradictory, this piece employs anonymity as the aesthetic strategy: the depiction of shadowy figures and vague almost cryptic text alludes to the owner and her relationship to the visual construct.   As viewers we are drawn into, invited into a description of a persons experiences, relationships, to her intimate identity but ultimately we can only mirror this emotive construct  from arms length, to create our own deep narrative about the self.

SKYGOD APPROVED_50_thumbSkyGod:  Red snowflake panties, SkyGod approves. [Finger to ear, listening] Oh, the tattoo? SkyGod loves the colors and the glistening sun rays licking at the jumpers bodies reminds me of the “SkyGod + Minion Retreat” of ’09. Good times, good memories, good bodies. SkyGod accepts your offering of ink and panties and says ‘Carry forth with your madness and make us ALL proud’.

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