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Caption This: Tunnel Competition

We visited the IBA Indoor Skydiving Competition at iFly Orlando over the weekend and with the world’s worst camera phone, got one or two fun photos.

Look closely at this photo before commenting with your caption. Best submission wins a Blue Skies Mag sticker. Ready, set, go!

PD New Beginning

Blue Skies Mag caption contest

Caption This: Tunnel Comp

If you still can’t work out what’s going on, take a glimpse:


  • Prior to their planned tunnel time training for the creative portion of the “Double D-DP Challenge” at Skyventure San Fernando, Pamela was initially perplexed when the tunnel camera man asked her “Do you think you can fit two at once?”

  • The old man in the back-round is thinking, “I wonder if they have a bigger Free-fly suit that all 3 of us could fit in?”

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