Lord of the Strings Events

This post is a Part II following  Thursdays post. Here comes the good stuff.
Competitors will go head to head in 3 different events. The usual suspects, Speed, Distance and Accuracy are all represented and get a round each.
But here is where it gets interesting – the events take a hint from the classic ones, but change every round.


1. Standard Speed Carve: Go fast through a standard carved course.
2. Dragging Speed Carve: The entry gate will be set further back on the pond,  so the first 4 gates are on the water. The inside buoys will be replaced with balls. Competitors are timed from entry to exit and are required to  drag a foot (or a body part of their choice) through gates 1-4. Fastest swooper wins.
3. 5 Meter Wide Speed Carve.  Just like it sounds: fast-moving competitors carving through a skinny course. Goal is once again get through the course fast, while not taking anything out. 5 meters may sound plenty big, but keep in mind that the width of a standard speed course is 10 meters (in imperial speak, that is 15-ish feet vs 30-ish feet).


1. Standard Distance: Drag water through or before entry gate and then go far, far, far.
2. Long Distance: aka ‘old school’ distance. 5 ft entry and no vertical extension at 50 meters.
3. Carving Distance: The course looks like a speed course, but this time there are no timers! Competitors have to stay below the 5 foot markers until they are out of the last gate – and then continue to fly as far as possible.
4. In Lane Drag: No entry gate in this event – but the exit becomes important! Zones are placed for the entire length of the pond. Competitors choose where to set down on the water to drag. The more zones you drag, the higher your score. Competitors must land on dry land to get a score, chowing = zero.

PD New Beginning


1. Narrowing Water Gates: Gate 1 will be the standard size – 10 meter (30 ft) wide.  Going from gate to gate, competitors have to navigate a narrowing course, until reaching gate 4 which is only 2 meters (6 feet) apart.

2. Hula Hoop Accuracy: Zones 1-4 are of the same, standard size.   Zone 5 through 7 get scored differently (zone 5 yields 17 points, . Zone 8 yields 36 and if you manage to land in the hula-hoop ring you just scored yourself 75 points.  Stand-up rule applies.  Theoretically, if you manage to drag through all the water gates and land standing up in the hula-hoop, you just collected 125 points!

This competition should be a blast to watch.  Fear not if you can’t make it, because we have it on good authority that a Certified PD Geek will be on site with all kinds of photo/video equipment, including a specially ordered hovercraft to capture footage from unique angles.



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