Project Orange: Lord of the Strings intel

During our daily recon mission around DeLand, we came across a bit of Project Orange information to share with you. You have no doubt seen advertising for the event, but up until now, details have been a bit scarce. That is all about to change – with some freshly snatched intel straight from the desk of event organizer Albert Berchtold.  Someone really should tell him that “Buddy” is not a very secure password.

First, to bring you up to speed on what they have already shared:

PD New Beginning

Lord of the Strings is an elimination style competition, offering up $5,000 in prizes for hungry swoopers. There will be no tallying of scores – during each round you either win or lose. Competitors go head to head against each other, until there is only one still standing.
Draw for brackets will take place at Skydive City each night,  at the bar. After Joe Can’tMakeTheGates finds out he’ll be going head to head with Curt Bartholomew, Joe Gates  can get some liquid courage right there.  Watching the draw will likely be as fun as watching the competition itself.
Scores will be updated live, from the pond. Come competition time, you can watch the action on the internet.

The events may have names that sound pretty standard to experienced canopy pilots (speed, distance and zone accuracy, but from what we saw, they are anything but. Check back tomorrow (or maybe this afternoon) for more details.


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