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Missing skydiver in TN found deceased

BSBDcropSMThe body of missing skydiver Randy Mathews was found Wednesday September 25th, approximately a mile from West Tennessee Skydiving, following a HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) jump.
A total of seven jumpers left the plane at approximately 29,000 feet. The other six landed safely.

Jumpers were equipped with oxygen delivered via tightly fitting mask. At jump time, Mr. Mathews was observed in good spirits and ready to go, his mask in place and oxygen flowing.

PD New Beginning

Investigation is underway. At this point, the cause of the accident is not clear. It has been reported that the equipment used was not AAD equipped. The jump was organized by

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  • better die by doing what you love

    but i feel sorry for his family and friends

    but every skydiver know there is always a little leftover of danger

    it doesent matter how often you check your equip and go thru every safety process

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