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PD New Beginning

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— Issue #46 * September 2013 —

Blue Skies Mag issue 46 photo by Rolf Kuratle

On the Cover

“Soul Flyers Vincent Reffet and Fred Fugen busting a few moves above Skydive Empuriabrava in Spain.” Photo by Rolf Kuratle, EAA.

2013 DZ Awards

Cover Story

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BlueSkiesMag_i46 Photo by  Will Glynn All Rights Reserved

Featured Photo

“High pull over Chicagoland Skydiving Center, Rochelle, IL. Photo by Will Glynn.”

The FlyBy

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself by Amanda Mandrafino
“Animare DeLand and Skydive New England are bringing safety back.”
Question of the Month
What’s an awesome thing about skydiving? Resident life coach Melanie has 50 – #50AwesomeThings
Monthly tit4tat
Blue Skies Mag i46 tit4tat“Calendars are available for sale and you can also make online donations at We’re always accepting new photo submissions of our calendars as well, don’t be shy. Send your anonymous photo to”
Skydiving Word to Stop F*ing Up: Bight

  • What it is The loop of lines past the rubber bands when your canopy is in the bag. Also called a line stow.
  • What it is not bite: Using the teeth to cut into something so you can eat it. Also a small morsel of food.
  • What you mean to say “Are those line bights too long?”
  • What it sounds like when you confuse bight with bite “Are those line appetizers too long?”

Guest submission by Colorado Chris. If you have a skydiving word you’d like people to stop fucking up, send it to

Byron Loves the Ladies by Karen Woolem
“Lots of ladies, skydiving and Jell-O shots (in that order) complete with tutus, corsets and disco attire.”
2013 Canadian Nationals by Martin Lemay
“Attendance-wise, these Nationals were, as far as most officials remember, the biggest one in Canadian parachuting history.”

BlueSkiesMag i46 Mustache Madness All Rights Reserved

Mustache Madness

by Mara Schmid

“BASE ninjas donned mustaches and redneck attire to hurl themselves off a 180’ cliff.”

World BASE Race 2013: Ellen Brennan, World’s Fastest Woman

Pictorial by Frøydis Asp Ormåsen Photography

See more of Frøydis’ work at

Chicago: A Photo Tour of the Windy City’s Two Biggest Boogies

Blue Skies Mag i46 Chicago All Rights Reserved

  • 2013 Independence Boogie by Becky Johns
  • Summerfest by Alex and Jess Bittner
  • Centerfold Sunset jump by Norman Kent,
Blue Skies Mag i46 Paving the Runway All Rights Reserved

Paving the Runway: Blood Sweat & Tears

by Blannie Wagner

“…I announce the opening of Truman Lake Air Sports…”

A Tale of Two First Jump Courses

by Craig Fenstermaker

“The jump, canopy flight and landing were uneventful, as they say in Parachutist. The reception I got upon landing was not.”

Blue Skies Mag i46 Whiskey Girl All Rights Reserved

Paying the Piper: Mariah Veis, Whiskey Girl

“Most importantly, when I’m really stressed at work, my boss offers me whiskey.”

The BASE Museum and Memorial

by Moe Viletto

“So, every time someone takes the ‘mighty whipper’ their assets go into the Museum Fund that honors them with a dedicated floor.”

Turning Points: 4-Way Girl Power

by Kurt Gaebel, National Skydiving League

“I have always been so proud of our sport for many reasons. One reason was the fact that girls did just as well as boys in freefall.”

Daddy’s Little Girl

by the F*ckin’ Pilot

“There was no way that this sweet little girl I was helping to guide through life would make the rounds on a DZ, but would instead save herself for the med student she would fall madly in love with, sometime in her 25th year of life.”

50 Awesome Things

by Melanie Curtis,

“41. Rain-day antics. (And all the die-hards at the drop zone rain or shine.)”

Dear SkyGod

“I’m new to skydiving and almost have my A licence. I want to learn about how to spot a SkyGod. Can you help?”

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