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“Drop Zone” BASE by Moe Viletto

Blue Skies Mag issue 45
Mike's ash dive from Half Dome.
Written by Lara

In this issue, Moe Viletto takes you behind the scenes of this scene from 1994’s classic, “Drop Zone:”

“…the film crew got the primary shots they needed. And I got to jump a building that was on my hit list—and so did Mike in a roundabout way. To top it off they paid me a sick amount of money to do something I would have done on my own anyway. And this jump being successful caused another script change, allowing me another BASE jump for the final kill scene in the movie.”

Here are some photos that didn’t make it into the magazine.

PD New Beginning

And if you missed it, Moe was featured on Skydive Radio!

Show #188, May 8th, 2013 – Base Before Skydiving According to Moe:

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