Sun Path PK Open: Special Delivery

It’s not quite October yet, but we can detect a little crisp in the air and the daily high is no longer 98 F. At least not all the time.
So that must mean it’s getting closer to the Sun Path PK Open!
We’ve already talked about the pond and a bit about the organizing team, and a whole lot more information has been shared on the event Facebook page.

There will be a mix of traditional CP events (distance, speed and zone accuracy), but the organizers will also throw in some special events.
Below is a diagram of the zone accuracy course that will be used. For clarification purposes, we should mention that the blue part of the diagram represents the pond, and everything else is on dry land.


In early September 31 competitors had registered, featuring many of the top pilots from around the world:

Sky families are the best families. |

1. Curt Bartholomew Team Alter Ego -USA
2. Tommy Dellibac Performance Designs Factory Team -USA
3. Billy Sharman Fazza Sky -UAE
4. Nicholas Batsch Team Alter Ego -USA
5. Ian Bobo Performance Designs Factory Team -USA
6. Greg Windmiller USAPT/SPP -USA
7. Cornelia Mihai Fazza Sky -UAE
8. Scott Harper AO/Adrenaline Obsession -USA
9. Ian Drennan Performance Designs Factory Team -USA
10. Patrick Kaye Fazza Sky -UAE
11. Peter Piotrowski -USA
12. Jessica Edgington Performance Designs Factory Team -USA
13. Johan Karlsson JPEG -SWE
14. Gage Galle Performance Designs Factory Team -USA
15. Erwin Tank Baatenburg de Jong JPEG -NL
16. Justin Judd ISM/Adrenaline Obsession -USA
17. Paul Rodriguez ISM/Adrenaline Obsession -USA
18. Sven Jseppi Skydive OBX -CAN
19. Rodney McCrory -IRE
20. David Billings Mile High Skydiving -USA
21. Ben Crooch -USA
22. Shane Schaffer FLUID WINGS 
23. Joe Ablen USAPT -USA
24. David Hawley AO/Adrenaline Obsession -USA
25. John Nolan CPTS -USA
26. Jeannie Bartholomew Team Alter Ego -USA
27. Art Schaffer Skydive Palatka -USA
28. Scott Kasmar South Carolina Skydiving -USA
29. Robbie Hill Level Zero Heroes -USA
30. Steven Singletary CPTS -USA
31. John Hawke CPTS -USA
32. Richard Servantes Mile High Skydiving -USA


Registration is available through the Sun Path store.

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