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  • We get quite a few students who bring GoPros and want to film they’re own skydive. One of our tandem instructors will allow it and the other hasn’t (due to his experience and comfort level) yet. Our DZO (this weekend) has decided he will probably start strapping the wrist mount video and still camera set up to the students after talking with some visiting jumpers who told him that’s what they do at their DZ. Personally… I think it’s ridiculous. However, I’m not the DZO and my opinion doesn’t carry any weight, especially when it concerns they’re profit margin. It’s a shame really. My DZO, in my opinion used to be all about “Safety 1st and foremost”. In my opinion, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. It’s a shame really.

  • I’ve had several students ask to GoPro, both tandem and AFF. Most are okay with a “no” when you explain why and the additional dangers which can be associated with skydiving videography. But occasionally, you’ll get “that” guy. I actually had a guy have a melt down in a FJC after he was informed he wasn’t going to be allowed to film his first jump.

  • I had a camera but I decided to use the DZ personnel to film my first tandem. THEIR people are best because THEY’RE well-trained, can get angles your camera won’t/mine wouldn’t have been able to get THERE in the sky, plus, THEY’RE just trying to supplement their income THERE at the DZ so they can continue THEIR skydiving. So when you use the DZ people, you’re helping support the DZ community. DZ’s should show off THEIR work THERE at the zone by displaying a first-timer’s boring ‘here’s my face’ video and THEIR photog’s finished 1st jump video THERE so THEY’RE showing people what they could have compared to what THEY’RE going to get with just THEIR camera; instead of a camera(s) strapped to a highly skilled professional using THEIR talent THERE at the DZ so THEY’RE able to give you the best video ever to show off to your friends. Do you agree, Gary Fletcher?

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