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Saturday August 7th, 2013 saw the fruition of over 10 years of relationship building by Asylum Design’s Martin Tilley and his Tribe, with city, county and state officials for a day of legal BASE jumping off the Auburn bridge.  Bundled into Auburn’s “Adventure Day” 25 jumpers showcased the excitement and relevance of BASE jumping for the Auburn region.  It was awesome!

Full story in next months print edition.  Until then, check out some of the photos and positive media generated.  This is also your opportunity to make YOUR VOICE HEARD!

PD New Beginning

The conversation of allowing more jumping events from the Auburn Bridge is ongoing within the community.  Many people, residents, community members, businesses, etc., are becoming educated on the potential positive benefits and possibilities surrounding BASE jumping activities.  And, you can count on the fact that many residents do not understand what it is we do with many assumptions.  One way to guide the process is to become involved in the process.

Check out the below links, leave comments, write letters and remember, sugar gets way more smiles then vinegar.  Be the person you wanted to be treated as.

  • Ground Photos By Harry Parker and Splash Photography – BASE jumpers and all around fun guys.  Super easy gallery to SHARE, DOWNLOAD and BUY, super cheap.
  • Photos from Auburn Journal – We are right along side of a charity rubber duck derby in the river.  The contrast was striking.  No cop cars, no mug shots, just BASE as part of a real community event.  Perfect.  Excellent place to leave thankful and positive comments.  Let the trolls be trolls.
  • Mary West – Video Slideshow report – Great place to leave some positive comments from people, like you, that support BASE jumping.
  • This is Mary’s Blog.  Another great place to leave positive and thankful comments.  She was super nice and very supportive and her video story above reflects that.  Make a new friend.  Swamp her blog with comments!!  EZPZ.
  • Call to the community for opinions:  Requires an actual letter in the mail with a stamp and everything., Event Photography, Marketing, Promotion.  Copywrite, Event Photography, Marketing, Promotion.  Copywrite, Event Photography, Marketing, Promotion.  Copywrite

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