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Ink of the Week: It’s got it all

We welcome you, dear reader, to the 7th installment of Ink of the Week. Which now will have to be renamed to ‘Ink of Every Other Week’, because we have been loading our art experts up a bit heavily. Their particular brand of brilliance doesn’t come easy.

Amanda Suter’s leg hails you with a pretty epic tattoo in terms of ink coverage. This tattoo depicts  her journey into the many formats of human flight. Make sure to browse each photo for the details and note there is room left for more.


My name is Amanda Suter and I just recently got this tattoo in Jacksonville, Florida at ACME Tattoo. The mountains pictured represent Washington State (where I grew up). I grew up in a town very close to Mt. St. Helens (Winlock) and my grandparents very close to Mt. Rainier (Morton and Mineral). The plane is significant both because of skydiving and because I am a pilot. I am a commercial multi instrument-rated pilot with roughly 250 hours and will commission as an officer into the Navy this May in order to go to naval flight school and eventually become a Navy pilot. I currently have 177 skydives and 3 BASE jumps (more BASE at this upcoming Bridge Day!). Of course the tattoo hurt; especially behind the knee. However, I am tough ;) AND it was worth it. I have one other big tattoo from my shoulder-blade along my left side and ribs down to my hip of magnolia flowers; each flower representing a member of my family.

From the experts:  

ddddLe charme discret de la Bourgeoisie:

It is all but impossible to ignore the visual allusion to the Edo period aesthetics found with the landscape. The latent orientalist tendencies expressed here depict this landscape (a Western one at that) as the Western cultures viewed the East; as separate, eccentric, backward, different, sensual, and passive. The Kanabe-esque treatment of the mountainous landscape illustrates the feminine penetrability and supine malleability, with the looming presence of technology and western man’s despotic need for progress defined always by the Other, the conquerable, and the inferior.

PD New Beginning

There is always meaning behind meaning…



Christmas Tree Canyon with marshmallow Mountains…
That reminds SkyGod of his vacation home on Undisclosed Island. Plane, check. Skyjumper, check. Impressive seamless wrap. Only problem SkyGod sees is that the photo stops around the knee…

Blue Skies, Black Ink,

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