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Ink of the Week: Down the rabbit hole

This week we take a little side step around the traditional skydiving tattoos and bring you a BASE one – from Ari the BASE gal.


 I was told to share my BASE tattoo so here it is! I finished this piece last month when I had a few hundred skydives and a handful of BASE jumps. I went with Alice (in Wonderland) because like many people, since I started skydiving, my life has spiraled down an awesome and bizarre rabbit hole, so I thought this figure appropriate. The wind turbines have more of a story, and it’s the most recent addition. After work one afternoon I was debating on jumping this particular object, only to receive some serendipitous mail: a box of BASE gear and apparel, and a letter with a wind farm cancellation stamp. So I went. It was awesome. I grazed through a tree on landing though, so… I put a tree in the piece for my own humor’s sake. Good story. Good times. Blue skies


As usual, we look to our art experts to bring us a glimpse of what lies beneath the surface:

PD New Beginning

ddddLe charme discret de la Bourgeoisie: 

It can be said that we are a sum of our experiences, and in that we have a tendency to seek out defining moments, disciplines that explore our core understanding of self and identity. So, what to make of a base jumping Alice? Is this a nod to Lewis Carroll? Some blatant allusion to the Looking Glass /Rabbit Hole metaphor? I think not, BASE jumpers tend to be a bit more thoughtful.
I therefore postulate that unlike the novels many characters whom consistently view Alice as different beings (a flower, a volcano, a serpent, even a vague illusion of being), Our Alice never goes so far as to claim that she is not definitively someone or something, but more likely someone not to be taken at mere face value. Instead, she actively pursues her ever evolving identity through the act of chasing the proverbial White Rabbit (BASE), an analogy that suggests that reality is not what it seems, that her rationality is to ultimately seek her realness and self-knowledge. As Ari posits herself as Alice she demonstrates her own reluctance to settle upon a nominal identity, a persistence to never settle, to constantly explore the defining avenues of self. For Alice, the exit point becomes the means to discover true identity; the experience illuminates one’s soul rather than one’s image, true discovery.

SKYGOD APPROVED_50_thumbYours Truly, SkyGod: 

SkyGod Approves… of the angle of the photo with the partial crotch shot. Thank you beautiful maiden for your offering to SkyGod. Oh yes, there’s a tattoo…

SkyGod has compiled the following rating for your Permanent Artist Expression of Dismembered Zombie Puppeteer Canopy Flight:

Chick: +5
Severed Hand: +3
Severed Zombie Hand: +2
Dress: +1
Dress flying up: +3
“Boy Shorts” under Dress: -2
Stockings: +2
Knee Pads: +5
Alice in Wonderland CosPlay: +2
Erect Nipple: +4
Christmas Tree: +1
Tripple Windmills of Death: +2
Crotch Region in photo: +5
GRAND TOTAL: 33 SkyGod Points. Well done minion, well done.

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