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Morning Breeze by Ed Lightle

Morning Breeze
by Ed Lightle

As morning’s breeze and Heaven’s blue do open up our eyes,
We see our friends all gathered here – this precious day in time.
Chutes are packed and dreams are made, and jokes they do abound,
But all in fun, camaraderie, not meant to bring us down.

5-minute call then loading zone then off to board the plane.
The engines hum a welcome tune: “Yeah, jumping once again!”

As we ride up to altitude, Earth far below our floor,
We let our troubles fall away and single spirits soar.

PD New Beginning

Open door, see clouds go by, Earth’s beauty at our feet.
A taste of Heaven all around; ah, atmosphere so sweet!

Climb out, line up and hear the count; now ride the mighty blast.
Earthly things don’t matter now; just let this feeling last!

As through the yonder blue we come, from ground we look like ants.
Then suddenly our chutes do bloom; we’ve given life a chance.
We savor one last thrill to soul as we come touching down.
Eager to do it all again; temporary is the ground.

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