Gear Lust

Skydivers in general are pretty passionate about their gear.  For a good reason – our lives literally depend on equipment being in good working order.

Some jumpers must have all their gear match while others are only concerned with fit and function.  The budget-conscious skydiver is all about getting the most bang for the buck and Joe-just-off-student-status doesn’t care about any of the above, as long as he has SOMETHING to jump.  The Sponsored Athlete proudly covers every available square inch in intricate embroidery showing the logos of those that support him/her.

At the end of the day, after the last jump has been debriefed, discussions at the bar or around the bonfire more often than not turn to gear.  New gadgets are discussed and compared, pros and cons debated. Old crusty jumpers chime in with “no shit there I was” tales of malfunctioning mains and chewing through a riser when their hook knives failed. Young jumpers with grass-stained knees hang on to every word, soaking up every little morsel of knowledge.

PD New Beginning

You see, we teach a lot about exits and controlling your body in freefall, and we’re getting better about teaching canopy control and landings.  But gear – you learn about gear on your own.  Your teacher’s name is Experience, and she can be a bitch. She does not come cheap either.

That is where this column comes to the rescue. Send us your gear questions, big or small. We will go forth and not rest until we have found a so-called expert to come up with an answer.  The quality of the answers will be as wide and varied as the quality of the gear you currently jump. If we do not have a burning question pending, we will bring you a featured gadget to enrich your skydiving existence.

Welcome to Gear Lust.


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