Ink of the Week: Just add flight

For this 5th episode of Ink of the Week, we bring you the arm leg of Macca Macdonald. As you can already tell from by the extremity, we have a wingsuiter on our hands – seeking to maximize the surface to volume ratio the best he can.  Macca is an experienced pilot and takes care of sales & marketing for wingsuit manufacturer Phoenix-Fly.  He is approximately 9 ft tall and weighs in at a few stones and handful of pebbles, making his body ideally suited for the chosen discipline.
We offer up not one but two photos of his tattoo.  Both are from the same angle, of the same leg.  One is artfully askew (compliments of creative interpretation by a photographer who wisely chose to remain nameless).
The story of the flightless bird taking flight – the story of Macca. 
Thought I’d share my ‘skydiving’ tat with y’all.
So, had it about a month now. Done by the very talented Josh Peacock in the UK. I wanted something very personal to me, skydiving-esque, but without screaming ‘HI IM A SKYDIVER. ASK ME ABOUT HOW COOL I AM’.
I decided on a flightless bird being able to fly. Decided on the Kiwi as it’s super cute, with some kind of technology to help it fly. Josh came up with the rest. 
The phrase ‘us against the world’ has many meanings for me. It suggests that all adversity can be overcome, but that you have to do it for yourself and not expect it to just happen. It’s a phrase me and the long-suffering Mrs Mac use when shit gets us down. It’s also a pretty awesome Coldplay song…  Being a Wingsuit freak, it really holds true for me. I’m flightless, but have found a way to fly. Go me.
It didn’t really hurt and only took 3 hours to do. The lettering was all free hand which was pretty impressive. 
In summary, I like and it’s my skin.


Our art experts dove deep into this one:
ddddLe charme discret de la Bourgeoisie
The 21st century, the penultimate period of unqualified assimilation and modernity. As modern humans we often define ourselves by our desire to achieve goals far beyond the design of our flesh. Through intellect and technology we move beyond our physical selves, to become super human, trans-human. This illustration encapsulates the moment of advancement, perseverance, and loss of our true physical self with a light-hearted yet striking depth and self-awareness.  An illustration of true visual economy, that begs for hours of aesthetic discourse, of which you shall be spared.

But, I will leave with a final note: As it is truly “US” against the world.

This anthropomorphized bird, a terrestrial bound one at that, so aptly illustrates a mans’ singular struggle for flight, though the dialogue assures the viewers (only the privileged, only those in the know of our much-loved subculture) that we are of a collective conscious, and we are never truly alone in the desire to redefine our limits.

PD New Beginning

Thank you for your entry, as I fell better knowing this is illustration is out there for “US”.


SKYGOD APPROVED_50_thumbSkyGod could not be reached for comment.  A handsome female minion informed us that was three-quarters deep in a bottle of Absinthe, trying to finish his 2011 tax return and therefore unable to comment.
The words “so cute, so fucking cute, just goddamn adorable” were heard echoing around the lair. That may or may not have been SkyGod. We will probably never know for sure.



Lastly, we have a decent stash of tattoo’s waiting to be featured, but if you have a snazzy one that just MUST be shared with the world, drop us a line with a photo & your story.

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