Swooping around the world

Canopy Piloting is a sport that we once up on a time felt sure would woo the masses, X Games & Skysurfing style. Well, we were completely wrong about that – it was the squirrel suits that got the whuffos glued to their YouTube screens – in particular any and all versions of proximity flying.

Within the sport of skydiving,  Canopy Piloting still carries a bit of clout. Older jumpers remain quite sure that the young whippersnappers will be the end of the sport through their reckless approach and attention seeking behavior. Then there are others that would like to regulate and license the ever-loving crap right out of any turns over 45 degrees on a canopy smaller than 200 square feet, but yet swooping still persists.

It is a fact that high performance landings have taken their toll, and we do see deaths and injuries “under perfectly good mains”. On the flip side, the relentless beer line swooping did breed some highly skilled individuals that moved on into competition and have been busy ever since passing down their hard-earned knowledge through canopy courses and coaching around the world.

PD New Beginning

Right now its high season for competitive canopy pilots.  Competitors on the international scene have just returned from the World Air Games in Cali, Colombia. 98 competitors from several countries are gathered in Klatovy, Czech Republic where the Pink Open starts tomorrow.  The Pink Open will be broadcasted via Livestream can be followed here.  The Aussies have their own crew on site and will be posting Kangaroo style news-videos & updates on the In The Corner page.
Then it’s on to the 7th FAI World Cup in Russia on August 22nd.  The website currently lists 92 participants, although a handful of those are in the roles of team managers or heads of delegations.

We wish competitors the best of luck and look forward see some exciting swoops!


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