Ink of the week: Burning in

Skydivers get tattoos for different reasons.  Some because they want to express themselves, some because it’s what you do when you are a bad-ass, some to commemorate an event.

1Lt Hunter “Thud” Davis falls squarely in the “event” category.  The “no shit, there I was, thought I was going to die” kind of event, following what can only be described as ‘landing a horseshoe malfunction’ on August 11th, 2012.  Now that it has just been a year since the accident, we thought it was fitting to choose Hunter’s tattoo of Icarus burning in for this episode of Ink of the week.


Attached is a photo of a tattoo I recently had done to help me remember just how lucky I am. Last year, on August 11th, I survived massive traumatic injuries following a near terminal velocity impact (which was considered a “miracle” survival by those who saw me burn in that day.) Long story short, I was not only able to recover from my injuries, but I was able to get a medical waiver to return to my career as a pilot for the Air Force. 

You can read the full story of events as published on Point of Vue (online publication) here.  It’s written for whuffos, but the author does a pretty decent job.

PD New Beginning

Now Hunter’s tattoo is relatively simple in structure, but according to the experts, its meaning is deeper than the oceans of Jupiter’s moon Europa.  You read that right.

ooooArancione di Velluto:  Falling Icarus. Is it an ironic reminder that the higher we fly the farther we fall?
Does it represent the dangers of our sport? Either way, I like the flame-like composition and design. Icarus is an ever-present icon in skydiving, from myth to company names to, um, tattoos. 

SKYGOD APPROVED_50_thumbSkyGod: Yes, SkyGod loves skimpy red lingerie. Add Panther tattoos to the mix and it’s a mix no minion can handle. Then make it the infamous Bettie Page, and SkyGod didn’t even notice the minion standing in the way or give a damn why he’s even in the photo. Why are you in the photo puny minion?? SkyGod also noticed the Virgin Mary in the mirror behind said puny minion. Bettie Page and the Virgin Marry in the same room!? SkyGod would love to hear the conversation between Ms. Page, the Virgin Mary and the Pink Floyd poster when no one is around. It probably goes like this…

Virgin Mary: Don’t speak openly about which words follow from my divine tongue, but… I dig the ink and am wearing the same lingerie under this glowing cloak and cloud I’m standing on.
Bettie Page: Why thank you doll. I dig your glowing cloak and the red dress. We match my dear! You know we are not so different!
Pink Floyd Poster: The tolling of the iron bell, Calls the faithful to their knees, to hear the softly spoken magic spells…
B Page: WTF are you talking about P. Floyd??
V Mary: Even the Holy Spirit doesn’t know what you are rambling about.
P Floyd: We don’t need no thought control, No dark sarcasm in the classroom, Teachers, leave them kids alone!
B Page: Dude…!?
V Mary: I’ll pray for you my child.
P Floyd: Did you ever wonder why we had to run for shelter when the promise of a brave new world unfurled beneath a clear blue sky?
V Mary: Floyd! Shut it, or I’m gonna work a Miracle on your …!!!
B Page: Did you see that tattoo on that dude that was standing in front of me? My tattoo is better right? I’ve got Panthers and flowers and these rocking Red High Heels. 
V Mary: Amen, although his high heels were not bad either! Yu know who’s got a bad ass tattoo? SkyGod.
B Page: I haven’t been lucky enough to see it… yet. Where is it?
V Mary: I’m not that kind of lady! You’ll have to see for yourself…
B Page: Oh I will!
And SkyGod and Bettie Page Poster lived happily ever after… 
We still have room for more submissions, as we have decided to keep this feature running for a bit. If you have a tattoo and a story to share, send it on in.

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