Ink of the Week: Blue Skies, Black Death.

Kenneth Garret is the man behind this freshly shaved man-calf. He is secure enough in his manhood to sport a pink parachute without even apologizing.
Kenneth is also man of few words and gets to the point quickly, with this well-loved and all too frequently used skydiving phase: Blue Skies, Black Death. The the tattoo artist is Steven Neill, from New Covenant Ink in Weatherford, Texas.


This tat is a tribute to my best friend and first jump course companion who died on Jan 16, 1999 in a skydiving accident. 

Blue Skies, Black Death
Kenny G.

From le experts:

Le charme discret de la Bourgeoisie‘s thoughts on the topic:

ddddThis iconographic representation posits how modernity has brought man to embrace the recalcitrant struggle with the disintegration of self. The drive to define identity (to know oneself) and pleasure at any cost. This identification of self through the lens of mortality, and the celebration/mocking of is man’s propensity to deify his own willingness, his acceptance of death to go beyond the polarities of the negative(death) and the positive(life) to the neutral and excessive zone of indeterminancy brought on by modernity’s indifference to ones need for identity.

PD New Beginning

And in the words of YouKnowWho:

 SKYGOD APPROVED_50_thumbSkyGod appreciates testosterone in all its forms and this one has it. It smells like bull spunk it’s so fucking manly. From the blood spatters to the pink and magenta canopy to the Grim Reaper’s claw foot up the chick’s ass…SkyGod approves. Needs more cowbell though.


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