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Budgeting for Dummies (aka Skydivers)

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Are you ready?

Allow me to grossly generalize for a moment. If you’re a skydiver, you probably fall into one of two categories:

  1. You dream or dreamed of cutting away your day job.
  2. You have cut away your day job.

If you’re a #2 and went the work-on-a-DZ route, you know it’s feast or famine out there. Budgeting is the least sexy thing about living your dream and most of us suck at it. You’re rolling in cash after one good weekend, then wallowing in misery after 3 weathered out weeks in a row.

So, #2s, how did you learn to budget on a DZ contractor salary? Did you stash cash underneath your trailer mattress? Blow it all on jumps and beer, then regret it come winter?

PD New Beginning

Share your tales of woe, advice for #1s, and best money tips you’ve learned in the comments.

If you need to brush up, our resident life coach Melanie has addressed this sexiness a few times!

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  • I’m a full-time skydiver but it’s not enough on its own to cover the bills. I do freelance website development to supplement my DZ income. It’s perfect because I can do it anytime, from any location. Say, at a picnic table while waiting for some clouds to move along or the next wave of tandems to arrive.

    So far I’ve managed to spend every jumpable day at the DZ this season and have still managed to keep a roof over the wife and kids heads.

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