Ink of the week: simplegance

Simple elegance – simplegance.
This time we bring you the ankle of Cyndi Brown, a jumper at Skydive the Farm in Georgia.
The closing pin is an iconic symbol to many skydivers and one that many jumpers start off wearing on a necklace, but a few then transition to the permanent stuff. I’m sure this will not be the last rendering of a closing pin we see in this feature.


I’m sure my tattoo is much simpler than some of the amazing pictures you’ll get. But I figured I would get it anyway.
This tattoo is significant to me for several reasons. Obviously because skydiving is a huge part of my life. It has been for the past 7 years. But also, because it was my brother who got me into skydiving, who bought the tattoo for me. 

When I was 11 years old, I got to watch my older brother, who was an experienced skydiver, jump for the first time. I went home and immediately starting jumping off the back deck and out of trees. This was the point where my parents pretty much realized, “Well shit. We’re going to have 2 of them…” Several years ago, I was visiting my brother in Florida, hanging out in his front yard with his family and neighbors enjoying a few beers, when my sister-in-law says, “Let’s go buy Cyndi a tattoo!” Who am I to say no to such a courteous offer. 30 minutes later we’re at the tattoo parlor. I knew I wanted it to be skydiving related, since it was my brother who got me into skydiving buying it for me. I couldn’t think of any kind of design I wanted, then I realized I was wearing my pin necklace. I gave it to the tattoo artist and asked him to make something with that. He came up with the idea you see in the pic. So I go back in the room to get the tattoo. Mind you, next door to the tattoo parlor is a bar, where my brother, sister-in-law and their neighbors were hanging out. While I was getting the tattoo, someone would bring me a beer every 10 minutes or so. Again, who was I to say no. The tattoo has gotten me a few interesting comments. I once had a whuffo ask me, “Why would you get sperm tattooed on your ankle???” Whuffo’s will never fail to surprise me with the questions they’ll come up with.

From the Art Experts we have the following:


Arancione di Velluto was unfortunately not available for comment, as he’s currently in a land far, far away and not able to connect with the cosmic consciousness that envelopes us all to share his thoughts. He sends his deepest regrets and hopes to be able to view the photo and comment at a later date.

However, Le charme discret de la Bourgeoisie

PD New Beginning


Through a crude reduction of semiology I am faced here with a daunting task, the impossible act of closing the gap that separates visual language and the experiences it encodes. The symbolic nature of this work creates an adequate representation of an entire world by simply extracting object(s) out of its specific context and making them a visual standard for abstract wholes.

The cyclical and repetitive structure borders on fetishism, a reiterative fascination of the singular object and its loss of individuality by means of the visual rhythm, thus breaking its iconography and subverting the meaning of the original, creating a new, personal object. Simply…
“(An) active testimony of a moment through the active mediation of someone who did not observe and analyze, but who lived the object and for whom the object lived”     -Anne Vitart-Fardoulis
A now singular object can display its inherent nature, one steeped in meaning, revelation of depth, a ramified system of symbols, values and analysis.

Looks like an orgy. APPROVED.




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