How to Celebrate the 4th of July, SDC-Style

by Alex “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You” Bittner


Freefly! Photo by John Zagoda

Jumpers at Skydive Chicago during the Freedom Fest Boogie got to enjoy a full long weekend of excellent weather and incredibly fun skydives this year.

Members of SDC Rhythm XP put together some complex and super fun 6 to 8-way skydives in what they deemed the “Rhythm Invitationals,” while Ryan Risberg organized the 14th annual Freefly Money Meet.


Here, hold this. Photo by Alex Snakeman Bittner

The money meet was a huge success with more than 10 hot-shot competitors scrambling round-by-round for the highest personal score.

PD New Beginning


Rhythm. Photo by Alex Bunnyhop Bittner

Props to Amy Cowhey and Matt Freiheit on winning some bragging rights and cold hard cash!


Big-way! Photo by Alex Barman Bittner

The RW scene was rocking this year with Guy Wright and TJ Hine organizing big-ways the entire weekend.

group caption

Group shot. Photo by Alex Prettyboy Bittner

Rook Nelson and his demo team put on two spectacular shows during the event, too: a night demo into Ottawa High School to kick off the town’s fireworks display on July 4th as well as the notoriously good UFO pyro jumps on Saturday night above Skydive Chicago.

demo caption

Demo done right. Photo by Alex Tiptap Bittner

More than 500 spectators came to see the show Saturday night and the fireworks display was second-to-none (well, maybe 2nd to the one at Summerfest).

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