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Issue 44 Has Hit the Streets

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So this issue starts with a bit of a bummer, actually. We pay tribute to the guy most responsible for us being here at all, Mike Truffer. He’d hate for us to say any more about him so we’ll just leave it as a BSBD, Mike. Our masthead is also black in honor of the other three jumpers who went in over Memorial Day weekend: Larry Elmore, Ken Oka and Cliff Schmucker. A black weekend for the sport.

Blue Skies Magazine July 2013 issue 44

Blue Skies Magazine #44 | July 2013 | Mike Truffer put a lot of people on the front cover of Skydiving, but never himself. Photo courtesy Sue Clifton.


The FlyBy Links



In Douggs’ article “Death in the Sport of Life” in our May/June issue, we incorrectly captioned a photo of Roland “Slim” Simpson, who died in China, as Robert Pecnik, who is still alive and doing awesome things as a member of the Phoenix Fly team.

We mistakenly omitted photo credit for Iveta “Murv” Muravyeva’s profile picture in her “Love in the Air” article in our May/June issue; James Hatch of Spike Consulting,, took the photo.

Again in our May/June issue, we mistakenly credited Bill “MX” Halsey for the “Lodi Ladies” photos in The FlyBy; Mikey Carpenter,, was actually the photographer.


Skydiving Word to Stop F*#@ing Up: Brake

What it is: The thing that stops you from slamming into things you do not want to slam into.

brake system

BRAKE system

What it is not: Break (i.e., fracture, smash, shatter, intermission, or pause). What your femur does when you slam into things you do not want to slam into.

femur BREAK

femur BREAK

What you mean to say: “Man, did you see Matt’s brake fire yesterday?” What it sounds like when you confuse brake with break: “Man, did you see Matt’s fracture fire yesterday?”


Photo Interview: Annaliese Peterson by Zach Lewis

“I would like to be remembered as a bold, fighting spirit.”

Annaliese Peterson | Photo by Zach Lewis

Annaliese Peterson | Photo by Zach Lewis |

Send your questions for Annie to Zach at We’ll post them back here. And read/see/ogle more of Zach’s work at

PD New Beginning


Love and Turbulence: Chasing the Lulls at Istanbul’s ProBASE Sapphire Showdown by Annette O’Neil

“So what if it’s windy. This place is awesome.”


103-Way Brazilian National Record 2013 at Skydive Perris by Norman Kent,


CarolinaFest 2013: A Photo Essay by Brian Buckland,


Paving the Runway: The Endless Foot-Drag Fly-In by Blannie Wagner

“Since Truman Lake Air Sports will be a multi-air-sports training center, and happens to be located in super flat Missouri, we decided early on that powered paragliding would be a focal point.”

Paramotor by Blannie Wagner

A paramotor poses for its glamour shot. Photo by Blannie Wagner.


Turning Points: 4-Way Unstoppable by Kurt Gaebel, National Skydiving League

“Finland? Are you kidding? Do they have 4-way teams there?”


Notes from the Sack by the F*#@in’ Pilot‘s F*#@in’ Nuts

“Just how the hell far did you intend to suck us up?”


Fast Friends by Melanie Curtis,

“And sometimes, we get a standing ovation from a bunch of students inspired to do what they love in life.”


Tales of the Badass: Pookie by Sydney Williams

“I want the world to know that I am the first and only black wheelchair skydiver.”

Leaving the Plane

Leaving the Plane


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