Birthday Spankings

Moving to the US from little ole Iceland, I found out that birthday spankings are a tradition.
If you don’t believe me, here is what Wikipedia has to say on the topic:


In North America, there is a tradition of “birthday spankings” where the birthday girl or boy receives the same number of hits as his/her age (plus “one to grow on”) during the birthday party. Birthday spankings are administered over the clothes and usually by close friends or family members, and are generally playful swats not meant to cause real pain.[citation needed] The tradition is often seen as a sign of good luck and it is said that it is reminiscent of the way that doctors pat the bottoms of newborn infants to stimulate their bodies into action more quickly.

(scroll to bottom if you want to read the whole thing about spanking and corporal punishment on the Wikipedia site)

PD New Beginning

If you are a skydiver, you may expect to get issued spankings in freefall.  Just like Becky Johns from Chicagoland Skydiving found out when a few friends invited her along on a jump to celebrate her birthday. Anyone want to try to count the spankings?


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