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One of our trusty subscribers wrote to ask if we had ever covered the topic of skydiving tattoos.  We’ve touched on the subject a little bit in the past and Parachutist did a photo spread once up on a time.  We did a “paying the piper” feature on a skydiver that makes a living as a tattoo artist recently and know of another one that also has a skydiving apparel company aptly named Tattooed sailS.

So we know there are a good few skydiving/BASE tattoos out of there, and we would like to see them!
From here on out, Tuesday is Tat-day, as long as we have photos to publish.  This is where we need your help.  Send us photos of skydiving/BASE jumping tattoos, and if at all possible with a little story to go with it.  If you have a hard time coming up with that part, you can use the bullet points below to get you started.

– When did you get the tattoo?
– Why did you get it?  Is there a meaning/significance or just for the hell of it? 
– How many jumps did you have when you got it? 
– Did it hurt?
– Ever regret it? 
– Thinking about another one? (skydiving related or not)
– Anything else? 

PD New Beginning

Each week we pick one to share here on the website and on our Facebook page.  If we get a really good one – with a good story, we will consider it for publication in the printed magazine!

So go ahead and submit  your shots – and for the fine print, by sending us the photo, you are giving us permission to publish it.  If you include the name of the photographer, we gladly give credit.  To submit, send an email to


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