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Irrational Skydiving Fears

So Kolla walks into the office from taking her dog out to tell me that she has an irrational fear of getting taken out by a no-pull.

I didn’t get it either. To explain, she’s afraid a skydiver will fall on her while she’s on the ground minding her own business.

Like the title says, irrational.

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Mine is that I’ll have rigged every single piece of my equipment wrong and I am a walking fatality before I’ve even gotten on the plane. Mine comes from reading a fatality report when I was just starting of a girl who’d basically done just that – only I didn’t have enough gear knowledge to understand just how monumentally obvious her rigging errors were, and how easy they would be to prevent.

So, what’s your irrational fear in skydiving?


  • Mine crops up every time I’m driving home from the dropzone. It is that I’ll have a tragic accident some time between then and my next planned trip to the DZ and won’t ever be able to jump again.

  • That I’ll meet a woman so unbelievably amazing, just as close to perfect as possible… all except one thing. She forbids me from ever skydiving again!!
    Eh, who am I shittin? I’d tell her to go jump off a bridge.

  • It’s that the beer fridge is empty and the liquor store is closed. DAMMIT!! That’s every Sunday in Minnesota!

    Irrational? I just have a vision of a double total mal and when I realize I’m going in I look over at the camera ,that isn’t really there, with an “Oh shit!” look on my face, kind of like a sitcom.

  • mine is similar to Kolla’s, seeing as i live on the airport i am always a little aware that at any time a skydiver can come screaming through my windshield/ bedroom/ garden…. as irrational as all of it sounds i was walking my dogs once when a cut away landed about 5 feet in front of me. I am also really afraid someone is going to vomit on me from above if i am anywhere near the peas when tandems are landing.

  • everytime i leave work for the weekend and say “see you Monday” to my co-workers in my head, I’m thinking to myself “If I make it until then.”

  • I was told a story about someone getting their back stomped on in a freefly exit fuckup, the instant edema from which caused a temporary paralysis that disabled the stomped-on person from moving a muscle for the entire skydive…waiting until AAD altitude to find out whether or not he’d remembered to turn it on. So I doublecheck my AAD, like, six times a day.

  • I have a weird fear of having a sudden, unexplainable mal under my decision altitude. Like I’ll do a turn and wind up spinning up or wrapped in my canopy. So I fly über conservatively under 2,000ft!

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