Y-Strap Mandatory on All UPT Tandem Harnesses

United Parachute Technologies has issued PSB 20132005 – Retractable Y Strap – Student Harness, making the previously optional y-strap mandatory on all UPT tandem harnesses by December 1, 2013.

PD New Beginning

COMPLIANCE DATE: The modification must be completed no later than December 1st, 2013. After that date, no tandem student harness which does not have the Y-Strap Retrofit installed is approved for use on any jump.

COMPLIANCE PROCEDURE: In an effort to reduce the financial impact on system owners, UUPT is selling the Y-Strap Retrofit components kit at its cost. The cost of a Y-Strap Retrofit components kit is
$50.00 (Part#043-001-005). It can be installed by any certificated rigger with minimal effort…

To order the Y-Strap Retrofit component kit, or if you have any questions, please contact Mike Maguire, at Uninsured United Parachute Technologies, LLC, 1645 Lexington Avenue, Deland Florida 32724;Telephone: 386-736-7589; Fax: 386-734-7537; Email:

Download the service bulletin: PSB 20132005 – Retractable Y Strap – Student Harness 

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