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Introducing the Jagerbrothers

Kolla and I got a little bored with our regular events listings in the mag, so we put out a call for the biggest boogie whores we could find to be boogie correspondents. These boys responded.

Yep, we fell in love with them too.

PD New Beginning

Jordan and Joel will be traveling the boogie circuit, mostly in the Midwest U.S., as their home base is in Minnesota. They’ll report back on their shenanigans, so watch out for Facebook and website posts from the Jagerbrothers, and of course, a monthly column in the mag. If you want them at your boogie, we hear they are easily bribed with Jager and lift tickets. And other stuff that we probably don’t want to know about.

Welcome to the team, boys! We hope you enjoy the no pay, long hours, mosquitoes, and dirty couches to sleep on. Boogie on!

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