WestCoast WingSuits 2020 Event Lodi

Large 3D WingSuit Formation Photo Harry Parker Photography

XWings Over Lodi

West Coast WingSuits 2020 opens summer wingsuiting at The Parachute Center, Lodi, Ca. The event is designed to provide opportunity to the newer wingsuiters to gain skill and experience, while maintaining higher degrees of difficulty for more experienced jumpers.

Over 30 WingSuiters and 4 Mile Plus Flights

Over 30 jumpers showed up for great weather, five jumps a day and solid base flying by Ed Palowski and Sean Horton of Skydance Skydiving. Weather for April, 12th-14th, 2013 was gorgeous despite some challenging wind conditions on Sunday. The winds provided formation flights of 4 miles plus on Sunday.

Formation Loads, and Demo into Brave Horse Winery

On Friday Jumpers flew 20-ways for the day.  Saturday the group was broken up into two groups who later joined for an end of the day twin otter formation 30-way flight.  In Classic California Style, Saturday sunset brought a party at “Brave Horse Winery” where jumpers landed at the winery to a big bonfire, beer and lots of shenanigans. Flyers took Sunday as Formation Day running two otters for five loads concentrating on complicated vertical 3-D formations. Throughout the weekend jumpers made progress on all levels.  Many of the jumpers are new to winguiting.  The ability to keep jumpers safe, while mixing lower experienced with high experienced wingsuiters in large formations is no easy task.  Throw in the goal of keeping everyone happy by mixing simplicity and higher degrees of difficulty make for some interesting and fun jumping, not to mention some good old fashioned camaraderie.

Three Otters Back To Back, 60 Loads, 175 Tandems, Closed by 5pm

All this on top of a very busy weekend at the DZ.  This same weekend, Over 20 of the biggest names in Female FreeFlying show up for free organizing and the opportunity for some newer FF Ladies to brush up skills, meet and jump with some of the worlds best, organized by Karlee Ayers and Alana Fulvio-Bigley.  An accuracy camp was on hand all weekend making for an interesting mix. Full on competition started on Monday. And of course the local RW group, Red Dog, showed up in force.  In the end on Saturday, the dz flew 60 loads using three otters all day pumping out all the fun jumpers and 175 tandems shutting down operations by 5pm. Ed and Sean say they will put on another event this summer.  Stay tuned.

PD New Beginning

If you were at the event:

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3D WingSuits Over Lodi, Photo by Harry Parker Photography WingSuiting OFF DZ by Harry Parker Photography WingSuit Party Bonfire by Harry Parker Photography

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