Masters Skills Camp, Day 3

Intrepid reporter Mike Muscat is back with the final report from the Masters Skills Camp. Congratulations to all the new record holders – and looks like there were lots! Next up, SOS World Record Camp…

PD New Beginning

Well, once again on Monday, the Weather Gods out ranked the Sky Gods and the clouds dominated other than the occasional bit of sunlight and the tempting sucker holes.

After a brief morning meeting with the group, Jeff Jones released all of the Masters Skills Camp participants. But not before spotlighting several in the group who have only been in the sport a few years or recently returned after many years of inactivity. Jeff pointed out how the Masters Skills Camps had helped them and many others by teaching better flying skills and rekindling the thrill of a good jump, be it a 4-way or a 100-way. He encouraged us all to share the new knowledge and tricks at our home drop zones, however large or small and to remind jumpers of all ages that they are welcome to join future camps.

The SOS ladies aka “The Hot Gangsta Bitches”, a name they came up with themselves and were proudly chanting, stuck around with Jeff, who had been coaching them daily, until noon, in hopes of one last shot at a new women’s SOS record. Because most from the Masters Skills Camp were going on to the SOS World Record Camp that starts on Wednesday, Carol Jones was busy, as she constantly is, taken care of the business end of things. She has done a tremendous job of keeping all happy and taken care of when it comes to the thankless job of preregistration, necessary paperwork and money concerns. Most notably, she does it all with an enthusiastic, personal, one on one approach that leaves nobody feeling like a number. Carol Jones is even helping me in giving all of the details and mentioning those who deserve mentioning in these posts. Here is the text from an email she sent to the group toward the end of a long day:

Hey all,

The SOS group has already set world records.

On Saturday the women set 9 records

State, National and World Women’s SOS record – 6 way

State, National and World Women’s SOS sequential record – 2 point 6 way

State, National and World Women’s POPS sequential record – 2 point 6 way

The participants are Dana Handbury, Hollis Dobson, Louise Gallan, Sandra Doyle Drahman, Frankie Bryant, and DJan Stewart

Also on Saturday one of the skills camp groups set 3 records

State, National and World POPS Sequential record – 3 point 12 way

The participants are Johnny Bateman, Kim Dobson, Pete Stone, Peter Zimmerli, Pierre Chalot, Richard Luczak, Rudi Albrecht, Russ Manhold, Scotty Gallan, Stan Kay, Marilyn Wuest, and Doug Wuest.

All records were filmed by Rob Fortier.

You can view all the videos on

YAHOOOOO!!! What a great start for a great Skydivers Over Sixty week!!

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