Want Douggs to throw you off a bridge?

16062_10152300151005375_1512495834_nHere is your chance. The man, the legend, Chris ‘Douggs’ McDougall will be hosting a BASE jumping course at the Perrine Bridge, Twin Falls, ID.
And that is in the US of A.

The aim is to get in 40 jumps per person.
Applicants must have over 200 skydives, have their own rig (2 rigs is preferred) and have read and studied The Great Book of BASE. Douggs notes that if you are a professional athlete in another adventure sport, the 200 jump rule may be adjusted – but only for very qualified people.

PD New Beginning

Only 2 slots are left. If you are 100% committed, contact Douggs by sending a message via his Facebook page. No wishy-washers allowed.


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