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Issue #29 Woosh!

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In this issue:

  • Skydivers Unite Alert #2: Tim “Sage” Sagehorn
  • Lots of Flight-1 Canopy Camps
  • This guy
  • RV Tips from the Hypoxic road show
  • SoFPDaRF Terms and Conditions
  • 2012 Arizona BASE Boogie by Cynthia Lynn Guzman
  • A Personal History of Skydiving As Told by the T-Shirts Which Can’t Be Thrown Away by Cheryl Michaels
    • How many old skydiving T-shirts are in your collection?
  • 100-Jump Wonder by Mary Flannery
    • Who they really are, as told by one of them.
  • Kate’s Last, My First by Melissa Keener Havemann
    • Melissa’s first skydive was her friend Kate’s ash dive. Completing the circle.
  • Centerfold: a very pretty picture by Bill Schmitz
    • Surprise, Bill!
  • Indoor Skydiving Championships 2012: A Photo Essay by Chad Wilcox
    • Yes, you will be jealous.
  • Freeze Your Buns Off by Wendy Faulkner
    • Easy tiger, it’s about the CRW boogie at Lake Wales this February
  • I Jumped It: The EEZYCUT Trilobite by Mike Gruwell of Chuting Star
    • Another installment of our reader gear reviews
  • Good Luck with This: Throwing Some Singles by Karl Meyer
    • We’re pretty psyched about this one. Skydive Arizona’s new marketing manager will toss out some nearly impossible dives for you to try at home! Send pictures and video to
  • Turning Points: Spring Time – Let’s Get 4-Way Married by Kurt Gaebel, National Skydiving League
    • How do I love thee, teammate? Let me count the ways. This month’s column by Kurt should be required reading for anyone considering putting a team together.
  • The Beginning of the End of My Flourishing Career: Safety Starts Here by Sydney Owen
    • Community. It’s not just a show on NBC.
  • Mid-Life Mania by the Fuckin’ Pilot
    • Princess branches out into fiction. A story we all hope to avoid.
  • Links in the Chain by Melanie Curtis
    • How do you repair your chain once a link breaks?
  • SkyGod’s Official Man Card Application
  • Jump a Random Skydiver
    • Shaggio Rodriguez, as interviewed by the lovely (and very much missed!) Faith. Nope, no idea what his real name is.

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