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Issue 28 ♥

i28 February!

PD New Beginning

The February issue of Blue Skies Mag is coming. (That’s what she said.) If you are a subscriber, here is what you’ll find (if you’re not, it’s quick and painless to become one and subscribe today right now here):

  • New Canadian rates! More info here.
  • Top ten ways to say, “F*ck You, Cupid” on Valentine’s Day
  • I Jumped It: The MagBag
    • Gear review by Andre Lemaire, of Jerry Baumchen’s magnetic, stowless main d-bag. Videos of the test jumps here.
  • Football Widow
    • Or, how not to become one. How the Drennan family keeps their love alive while Ian is living the dream as a PD Factory Team member, Annie runs her own business, and Kaiya is a professionally adorable 2 1/2-year-old.
  • 100 Jumps for Mike Spann
    • John E. Souders, Jr. did 100 jumps to honor Mike Spann, America’s first combat casualty in Afghanistan. Clark Word went along for the ride and tells us about the day.
  • -ISM + NCCPA = TLF
    • Kim Nocita tells about the great coming-together of NorCal and SoCal swoop leagues to form one that will rule them all.
  • Photo Break: Invasion 2012
    • Kazu Oyama and Bill Schmitz take some fine photos
  • My Freefall Wedding
    • Dave Udell was the first (beeeeeeeeeeer!) man to take the plunge out of Mike Mullins’ King Air when he married his adorable girlfriend Kim in 1993
  • Aerodynamics for Dummies Part 3: Glide Ratio
    • In the final installment, the adorable Julien rounds out his aerodynamics lesson with GR
  • Turning Points: With Fresh Air and Rhythm into the Future
    • Kurt, of NSL lore, fame, and glory, details why SDC Rhythm XP is the next big thing
  • The Beginning of the End of My Flourishing Career: True Love
    • Sydney and skydiving, sittin’ in a tree ♫ k-i-s-s-i-n-g ♪ first comes love ♬ then comes marriage ♫ then comes a back brace
  • The Fuckin’ Pilot: “Bob, A Smart Man”
    • A fictional tale about Bob, a tandem instructor, and the smartest decision he ever made
  • Life Coaching: Tape Your Head to Hers
    • Melsinore gives tips on how to clean up, amp up, and de-clutter up your non-skydiving life
  • SkyGod’s Expo 2012 Calendar

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