A new baby at Skydive Carolina

Word on the street is that there is a hot new girl at Skydive Carolina: a Beechcraft King Air B-90, equipped with Pratt & Whitney PT6-28 engines. I’m sure that is pure engine porn to some of our readers, but to the rest of us, it just means FAST FAST FAST!
Like all good airplanes, this one needs a name. For the next 2 weeks, Skydive Carolina will be accepting submissions for a name, and the person with the best one (as selected by DZO Danny Smith), will be rewarded with 5 jump tickets from Miss N90HN.

I am sure we will get to know her a bit better during Carolinafest 2011 – we are looking forward to what is bound to be one of the best boogies of the year, complete with awesome organizers and full on Southern hospitality.

The Dropzone sent out a few tips in their newsletter on what to keep in mind when jumping a King Air:

  • Don’t be in a rush to get to the back of the plane whilst others are in the door; the more weight forward, the better.
  • The key for a safe King Air exit is to not jump ‘up’ when exiting. This is to avoid striking the horizontal stabilizer.
  • Be sure to fall out or ‘down’ when exiting.
  • Wingsuit exits deserve special care, so you bird people keep that in mind.

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