Rocky Mountain Barking Spiders

Due to some glitch in the matrix, we completely forgot about polls! How dare we?! This is a good one, about a universal topic that every skydiver has a strong opinion about.

Farts in the plane.


  • My personal vote may be because my dog has de-sensitized me with her earth-shattering, unbelievable farts. They’re so bad that whoever dog sits her while I’m away invariably texts me to share just how smelly she is.

  • It’s just a fart guys. All you have to do is crack the door. Plus I feel a little closer to the people I have shared farts with on the plane!

  • Farts are fine, but only if girls are free to queef.” Fly free, free to queef aloud. Fly free, let every queef show that your proud.” (south park)

What do you think?

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