Mum’s Topless Haiti Skydive!

Mum! Topless! Haiti! Skydive!

Mum! Topless! Haiti! Skydive!

We first learned of Kat Mager’s charity skydive from this headline bait: Mum’s Topless Haiti Skydive! I was very scared to open the link, fearing…well, the worst. But, Kat is super hot and, as it turns out, super sweet. She is trying to raise £2,000 (~ $3,000) for Haiti relief, and if she does, she will indeed skydive topless.

Sky families are the best families. |

We think it behooves all of our subscribers to support this worthy cause. Donate here and now! And be sure to kick in a little extra so she can afford to hire a videographer. (UK Skydiving videographer, you might find a publication willing to print those photos. We just can’t think of which one that would be twisted)

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