10: Excuses for Bad Swoops

By Mike Shatalov

10. It’s a new lineset, the canopy just doesn’t fly right!
9. I was just practicing a new turn/trying something new.
8. Didn’t get laid/got laid too much last night.
7. The wind pushed the top skin of my canopy causing me to sink in the turn/move off course.
6. My chest strap was so long it created extra drag.
5. I was laughing too hard after watching Ian Drennan face plant.
4. Man, i caught a thermal at like 1000 feet, that threw my turn way off and caused me to vertical.
3. Swamp gas from a weather balloon was trapped in a thermal pocket and reflected the light from Venus into my eyes.
2. I had an extra serving of the weak sauce with my steak last night.
1. I just got scared.

Got a better excuse for your lame swoop? Don’t be greedy—add it to the comments and share the excuses.



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