“Wingmen” the movie

Espen under Chirst the redeemer

It’s no secret that wingsuiting and wingsuit BASE are media darlings. Both have provided the world with some absolutely spectacular visuals from places we would traditionally not have seen, from angles we wouldn’t have dreamed.

Wingmen is a movie released exclusively through Vimeo On Demand and features Espen Fadnes, Ludovic (Ludo) Woerth and Jokke Sommer. Directed and produced by Siesta Films and Ellioth & Winther Film, the trio flies in places like Reunion Island, Tianmen Mountains of China, Bangkok and more.

Along with featuring incredible flying and cinematography, the producers do an excellent job of capturing the human side, speaking candidly about the dangers of the sport, what it means to them and why they fly.  Ludo passed away during a wingsuit jump in March of 2014.

The movie is available exclusively on Vimeo (rent or buy) and distributed by XTreme Video. Follow them on Facebook or check their website out for other incredible documentaries – both in and out of the sky.

World Wingsuit League Qualifications in Voss, Norway


Most of our readers are well familiar with the World Wingsuit League (WWL). It originally was formed around hosting meet for proximity flyers – putting on competitions to test their skill and abilities, racing against each other. Participants are careful selected and the events usually hosted at incredible locations.

The next event coming up is a qualifier hosted during Extreme Week in Voss, Norway. Approximately 40 of the world’s top wingsuit BASE jumpers will line up for the race, and the top 16 of those will punch their ticket to the Grand Prix in China.  This event will offer up an extra special race within itself – with manufacturers Robert Pecnik (Phoenix-Fly) and Tony Uragallo (TonySuit WingSuits) going toe to toe – Tony coming out of BASE retirement to compete again.

The video has a bit more information on the race – should be exciting to watch!


Loopity loops with Zak Tessier


Watching this video made wish for armrests on my office chair, or something to grab on for support.
I didn’t even know this kind of stuff was an option in a wingsuit BASE jump, but Zak pulls it off. This kind of stuff likely takes a special kind of crazy, but also more than a healthy bit of talent, planning, currency, skills and balls. Balls of considerable size and steel.

In this video Zak is flying the Squirrel Aura. A little bit about the suit from the Squirrel website:

auraThe Aura has rapidly become the most popular wingsuit amongst the world’s leading BASE jumpers. In the past year, more new exits and lines of flight have been opened with the Aura than with any other suit. For 2014, the AURA is the optimum choice for serious wingsuit BASE jumpers.  wingsuit BASE jumpers.

  • Shortest Start
  • Cleanest Pull
  • Widest stable glide and speed range
  • Best glide performance

The Aura offers the best balance of high performance glide and agility that we have ever experienced. Our mission for the Aura was to create a suit that satisfies the needs of the most demanding wingsuit BASE pilots in the world – jumpers who are pushing the limits of short starts and long glides at new cliffs all over the world, from the French Alps to the American Southwest.
After a lengthy development process and extensive testing by Squirrel and our Team Pilots over the past two years, we are happy to say that the result is even better than we’d hoped; not only is this a suit which is undeniably at the top of its class in terms of glide, but it has also retained an incredible level of agility and stability through a wide range of speeds.

The Aura is a highly versatile, high performance wingsuit, with the ability to dive down to steep lines or reach the most distant landing areas. In 2014, the Aura remains the number one choice of expert wingsuit BASE jumpers around the world. Scroll down on this page to learn more about the suit’s design.

BSBD Ramón Rojas

BSBDcrop smChilean BASE jumper Ramón Rojas died Saturday September 20th, 2014 in Grindelwald, Switzerland. Ramón was a part of a 2-way wingsuit BASE jump. Initial reports suggest that he ended up too low and was not able to fly to a clear area or  deploy his canopy in time. The level of difficulty both in regards to exit and flight is reported to have been well within his skill level. He had done the same jump previously with ample clearance.
Proximity flying is an unforgiving sport and even the slightest error can result in death.

Ramón was a highly experienced and well respected BASE jumper. We send our sympathies to his family and friends around the world.  A Facebook Memorial Group has been set up where you can view and share memories of Ramón.

The incident remains under investigation.

News Reports: Mirror.co.uk, Dailymail.co.uk


Dallas BASE Crew: LIVN 3

It’s looking like a stormy day for  much of the nation, complete with icy roads, high winds and a bunch of that white, fluffy stuff.  Brrrr.

We won’t be shoveling snow in DeLand, but the weatherman apparently has some thunderstorms headed our way. Since we all have to huddle indoors, we might as well watch some bad-ass videos. Here is a good start: LIVN 3, a film by Brad Perkins of Dallas BASE Crew hanging out with Luke Hively. Those kids are either outside playing or inside making awesome videos – we dig.