“Maybe your mailman is stealing your magazines” is not just something we say to get rid of you on the phone.


Our mail carrier here in Deland is fan-flicking-tastic and will go out of his way to deliver amazing service and good stories, but there are some less than stellar ones.

We present exhibit A, straight from the hometown news, “Mail carrier … accused of stealing mail from customers:”

According to co-workers, the woman was caught after she took her private vehicle to a garage for repairs and mechanics found mail addressed to other individuals.

The mechanics thought they were only turning in a mail thief, but investigators quickly learned the suspect was a postal worker herself.

The United States Postal Service says theft by carriers is very rare. In 2013, only 339 were fired for the crime out of a half-million employees. Much more common is non-employee thieves who steal mail from boxes after it’s been delivered.

While I would quibble with the verb tense in that last sentence, it is true that thievery is out there, and not just by corporations. Blue Skies Mag must make an especially stealable little piece, what with our beautiful people and amazing photos on our covers and all.

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If your mail carrier is as awesome as ours is, on the other hand, give him or her a big thank you from us!

December Issue Holiday Treat

The December issue has started to hit the streets – very late, with my apologies! We got our batch of issues at the office today, which means yours should be crawling to you now too. Don’t panic if you don’t have it though – between the usual holiday delays and winter storms and my late ass getting it ready (I’m really really really sorry!), mailing will almost assuredly be late this month.

I’ll get the ‘in this issue’ summary out next week so you know what you’re getting. Happy weekend!

Our copies of issue 49!

Our copies of issue 49!

Cupid Is Busy Delivering Issue #40

Happy Valentine’s Day! We have a little treat for you, and it’s called the February issue of Blue Skies Mag, which is mailing out now.

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So here is what is inside issue #40:

Cover Photo

The great and powerful Jeffro takes a selfie.


“Making Old Skool Cool. Red Bull Air Force jumper Jeff Provenzano hadn’t seen Stefan Klaus or a sky surf board in years, but both showed up one day in Eloy, Arizona. A mirror glued to the bottom of the board and ‘Bam there it is. Pretty weird seeing a full-body reflection of yourself in freefall. I could not help but laugh.'”

“No Shit There I Was”

Katena (the one who's not a boy) on a day where she didn't land in the Atlantic Ocean.

Katena (the one who’s not a boy) on a day where she didn’t land in the Atlantic Ocean.

Did you hear about the wingsuit chick who landed in the ocean at Sebastian Invasion? Katena Houfek was that chick and this is her story.

The FlyBy
Monthly tit4tat, reader news, Blue Skies Mailbox, Point Break quiz, new NZ Aerosports CF canopy, and a fantastic new way to memorize randoms.

“Go Fast Slingshot” by Jimmy Pouchert, Apex BASE

You didn't think there was only one energy drink, did you?

You didn’t think there was only one energy drink, did you?

Jimmy Pouchert was a human spitball for the Crown Prince.

“Kickin’ It Old Skool” by Randy Swallows

Jumpers Over Seventy (JOS)

Jumpers Over Seventy (JOS)

Randy Swallows photographed the record and has a few thoughts on these oldest of the old-school school. Bottom line: They’re awesome.


“Espen Fadnes: Smooth Operator” by Cynthia Guzman

Espen Fadnes, ProBASE World Cup 2012 Champion

Espen Fadnes, ProBASE World Cup 2012 Champion

The amazing Miss Cynthia interviews the current ProBASE World Cup champ, who thinks, “I was at my best as a BASE jumper
in 2006-2007. I hope to be that good one day again. To fly with that confidence. Maybe next year. I’ll try to do 300-400 wingsuit skydives before next season and then maybe…”


“Top 10 Tunnel Flyers” by Jacob Diliberto

Havaard Flaat in the Bedford tunnel doing...something.

Havaard Flaat in the Bedford tunnel doing…something.

Jake assesses the tunnel talent around the world and makes his male and female rankings.

 Sebastian Invasion Photo Essay by Norman Kent

A picture here of the pictures featured would not help us in our goal to sell print magazines.

 “Paying the Piper: David Michael Winland, Tattoo Artist”



Some of David's work on the arm of Jason Peters.

Some of David’s work on the arm of Jason Peters.

David Winland and his shop, Judas Custom Tattoo & Social Club, was voted “Best DZ Tattoo Artist” in our December 2012 issue, so let’s get to know him, shall we? Oh and PS – the aerial photo in this feature was taken by Vince Arnone, whom we didn’t get photo credit in the mag for. Sorry Vince!

“Tales of the Badass: SoCal Converge” by Sydney Williams

Sydney interviews not one, but three badasses this month. Andy, Travis, and Matt are not too terrible at freeflying.

 “Turning Points: 4-Way Personnel Drama” by Kurt Gaebel, NSL

Kurt analyzes the new Arizona Airpseed and SDC Rhythm XP lineups. And as the title suggests, it involves a little drama.

“TSA Two-Step” by the Fuckin’ Pilot

Dean “Princess” Ricci is not in the Transportation Safety Administration’s fan club. Neither is Barry Williams, but they each have very different ways of showing it.

“I’m Serious!” by Melanie Curtis

Coach Mel and Team Luau Confusion, having no fun at all.

Coach Mel and Team Luau Confusion, having no fun at all.

Who says 4-way is serious?

Argon Air, Helipad Inspectors by Moe Viletto

A completely true story about a completely fake company, owned by BASE jumpers Bill Ding and Cliff Leaper.

SkyGod is apparently a Communist now.

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Prison Blues

Lately we’ve been pushing the “Mature” rating, especially with our monthly tit4tat feature, so it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that we’re getting more and more of these:

no boobs in prison

If that’s not a deterrent to crime, I don’t know what is.

So we’re very sorry to say that we cannot guarantee delivery to prisons, jails, lockup facilities, or wherever they put bad boys these days. We recommend that you choose a mailing address of someone who can black out any offending images and/or words and forward the magazine on to you. Our magazines are shipped directly from our printer in Pennsylvania, so unfortunately we’re unable to do this for you.

On that note, there are also several countries with similar policies. If you live in one of them, you probably know what will and won’t be accepted, but the U.S. Postal Service also provides a comprehensive list: USPS list of mailing prohibitions. If you’re moving somewhere new, might be worth it to check that list out for what friends back home will and won’t be able to mail you. It’s also really entertaining. Did you know that you cannot mail imitation pearls or saccharine to France? Or that Saint Lucia doesn’t allow shaving brushes made in Japan or used clothing? Or mailing playing cards to Thailand is prohibited? And Sri Lanka basically wants nothing you could ever think of mailing.

It’s not a certainty that Blue Skies Mag will get rejected from any particular prison or country – a lot does seem to get through even when it seems like it shouldn’t – but we just can’t guarantee delivery. We’ll help you get your magazine any way we can, so please let us know if you’re having trouble!

Issue 36 on Jump Run

issue 36

Issue 36 | October 2012 | photo by Karlee Ayers

The October 2012 issue, #36, is in the mail now! If you’re a current subscriber, you should be getting it any day now. If you are, for some crazy reason, not a Blue Skies Mag subscriber, SIGN UP NOW at blueskiesmag.com/subscribe.

If you don’t have your magazine by October 24, email kolla@blueskiesmag.com.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • tit4tat
  • “Point Break” trivia!
    • The first of many quizzes by Jeff Agard (who we forgot to credit in print, whoops!)
  • BSBD, Donny Brown
    • Adios and Vaya Con Dios, by Dean Ricci
  • BAMF XPF by Brianne Thompson
    • What’s a BAMF? Who’s a BAMF? She’s a BAMF.
  • Summer Camp for Skydivers | by Karen Woolem
    • I bet you’ll like this boogie article.
  • 5 Notes for the New Skydiver | by Annette O’Neil
    • What she wishes someone told her when she was starting out.
  • What Could Possibly Go Wrong? | by Beth Athanas
    • More very useful tips, this time dealing with catastrophic thinking. As in, “I’m going to screw up this jump. I’ll break my leg. No one will want to jump with me. I could hit the tail on exit. My boyfriend will break up with me. I’ll never learn how to freefly. No one at the bonfire will talk to me.”
  • A lovely centerfold by Marie Nel | marienelphotography.blogspot.com
  • How to Open Your Parachute | by Luke Oliver
    • You might be surprised at how little of this you actually know.
  • Opinion: Wake Up and Smell the Birdshit | by Scotty Burns
    • Unabridged version here.
  • Tales of the Badass: Hannah Betts, 4-Way Goddess | by Sydney Owen
  • Turning Tables | by Kurt Gaebel, NSL
    • Exciting things in store for the upcoming World Meet!
  • A Year in the Real World | by the Fuckin’ Pilot
    • How is corporate life treating Princess?
  • Rewire the Time Bomb | by Melanie Curtis, highcomms.com
    • Join life coach and the soon-to-be Mrs. Nick Grillet on her accountability challenge. Lose weight, feel great, look hot(ter).

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