Contour and iON Cameras Announce Merger


The Contour camera has been a pretty popular choice in the POV market in recent years, well liked by the adventure sports crowd. The sleek, low-profile design made it a favorite amongst skydivers who favor mounting the camera on the side of a helmet rather than on top (like the GoPro).

Founded in 2004, the Contour cameras faced stiff competition from GoPro and other POV ‘action cameras’. In the fall of 2013 Contour shut it’s doors and announced closure, but reemerged early 2014 for another go.

Now Contour has merged with iOn Cameras, likely to take on the GoPro giant. We are happy to see the Contour stay on the market, and hope that this merger will yield some more options for skydiver. The iON action cameras have long appealed to the budget conscious customer, so hopefully we will see the best of both worlds in future releases.


Click here to read press releases on the Contour website (or the iON website). 




Jetman Dubai: Young Feathers 4K

Phenomenal video from Jetman Dubai: Young Feathers 4k.

Yves Rossy is well known for his pursuit of engine-powered flight for humans – outside of the traditional vehicle of aircrafts. The second person in this phenomenal duo is Red Bull athlete Vince Reffet. Vince hardly needs an introduction in the world of skydiving or BASE jumping. Named Yves’s protegé, Vince and Yves are now flying together with amazing precision and choreography.
The desolate sand dunes and bustling city of Dubai provide an amazing and hugely contrasting backdrop for the aerial dance of two jet-powered humans.  The video is just over 11 minutes long and will hold you captivated from start to finish. 

Perhaps my most favorite part of the video is where Yves says:

“I’m not playing with death, I am playing with life”.