Spirit Animal: Soaring in the Kingdom of Imagination


Spirit Animal is not your average high-five, smack, slap, hip-check type of skydiving movie. The movie features absolutely stunning flying, but there is also an ethereal, otherworldly feel to it. The music is absolutely fantastic and along with the artistic editing, lends it that special feel. Headphones (or a good sound system) highly recommended!

Matt Gerdes of Squirrel was one of the participants:

It was a fun project. We came together to fly with one another. That’s about it. Flying fast with friends is really a beautiful thing and of course images just sprout from that naturally. People keep asking what it means, and to me this quote sums it up: “Do not let your mind rule over imaginary kingdoms of endless possibilities.” We spend so much time these days absorbed in the fictitious narratives of other people’s lives, consciously and unconsciously comparing our opinion of ourselves with everyone else’s opinion of themselves.

We split into tribes and factions based on nothing real, often doing the bidding of people we don’t know and aren’t cared for by. We are tempted and coerced by advertising and tribal recruiting which promise us paradisiacal results if we join a certain tribe, and, once joining, people are threatened by trolls who enforce the (again, fictitious) tribal dogma. Through it all, some people lose sight of why it might be worth risking everything to do what is most fulfilling. At times it appears that some care more about the fictitious online adulation than they care about the actual flying. People want to say they have flown through the air, more than they want to fly through the air. Those flying seconds are too rare, and too much fiction occupies the in-between time. The more you fly, the less the fiction matters.

Movie Friday starring Keith Creedy


Happy freaking Friday!

I know there are a lot of people prepping to head to SDC’s Summerfest right now (best of luck to the vertical elite next week!), but think about what you’re going to do October 7-10, 2015. October is a great month to head on over to Skydive Paraclete XP and participate in what is to be quite the weekend.

Generation XP Fall Edition has teamed up with Canopy Piloting Event Sun Path Open and it’s going to be yuge! No. That’s not a typo. It’s the kind of HUGE even all caps can’t convey. I repeat: yuge.
Unlike traditional Canopy Piloting events where the swooper are sequestered to the side and not allowed to do anything but scheduled competition jumps, at this event, swoopers will be set free to take part in the festivities all they want. With plenty of airspace and landing area available, this means the two disciplines can join together and make beautiful skydiving love. And don’t forget the tunnel is just around the corner. SWOOPING, SKYDIVING and TUNNEL – we are talking triplets here. As (the now world-famous) Keith Creedy might say “White girls say yasss”.

Speaking of Keith Creedy, here’s his latest creation featuring the “Me Casa es su Casa” event that was held at Skydiving Paraclete. Book your tickets and your name on the schedule today! Blue Skies Mag has posted this already, but can you really watch this too often? We didn’t think so.

“Wingmen” the movie

Espen under Chirst the redeemer

It’s no secret that wingsuiting and wingsuit BASE are media darlings. Both have provided the world with some absolutely spectacular visuals from places we would traditionally not have seen, from angles we wouldn’t have dreamed.

Wingmen is a movie released exclusively through Vimeo On Demand and features Espen Fadnes, Ludovic (Ludo) Woerth and Jokke Sommer. Directed and produced by Siesta Films and Ellioth & Winther Film, the trio flies in places like Reunion Island, Tianmen Mountains of China, Bangkok and more.

Along with featuring incredible flying and cinematography, the producers do an excellent job of capturing the human side, speaking candidly about the dangers of the sport, what it means to them and why they fly.  Ludo passed away during a wingsuit jump in March of 2014.

The movie is available exclusively on Vimeo (rent or buy) and distributed by XTreme Video. Follow them on Facebook or check their website out for other incredible documentaries – both in and out of the sky.

DILAHYO music video


Skydiving, BASE and other extreme air sports often find their way into mainstream channels through mysterious ways. Here is one – the song Try by French pop-rock duo DILAHYO.  Members Yann Guelmi and Nellio have known each other for ten years and worked together in their home studies since 2008. They state that DILAHYO wants you to dance and escape from the everyday world. Their name is an anagram of HOLIDAY, and the duo seeks inspiration from many sources, ranging from Coldplay, OneRepublic) to synthpop (The Killers, Owl City), french pop and mainstream pop (Maroon 5, P!nk).

From this blend of influences emerged three songs with catchy tunes and great energy.

Their first video, Try, a compilation of sport/dance/fun activities – includes a whole bunch of familiar visuals, expressing joy and energy in a highly uplifting track. Give it a view!

Visit their Facebook page or YouTube channel to keep tabs on future releases, their upcoming album and concerts.