It’s Tiki Time: Light It Up!


Ever been to the Tiki Bar Boogie at Skydive New England? It’s somewhat legendary, for many reasons. It’s held each year over the Labor Day Weekend (2014 dates are August 29th-September 1st). Our editor Lara went there a couple of years ago and found out what people liked best about Tiki Bar Boogie. This is one boogie where weather holds are not a problem!

Last year, Keith Creedy went – heavily armed with a video camera and memory cards – to bring you the video “Light It Up”.   If you have been to Tiki, you know exactly what that means. If not… well isn’t it high time that you go check it out?

According to the Skydive New England website, 2014 will feature live music at the Ripcord Cafe, load organizing by Dr. Pete and Brian Touhey (belly), Ryan Risberg and Manuel Guevara (freefly), Taya Weiss & The Whambulance (wingsuits).  Registration is $35 per person.



Blue Skies Mag Movie Club


We like skydiving videos, and you like skydiving videos – what a happy coincidence!

Which is pretty much the whole reason for roping Missy the Sexy Librarian in as movie curator and connoisseur of fine videos. As it turns out, quite a few people share the movie watching/making/sharing interest, so we have created a group on Facebook to make it easy to share and sample.

Please feel free to join up, share your favorite movies or just check out what others are posting up.

The group can be found here:

German freefly at 2013 DM


If you are hungry for about 5 minutes of sweet German freeflying along with great music , go ahead and hit play!

Another excellent video edited and put together by Max Heidenfelder, showcasing freefly footage from the 2013 DM at Skydive Saulgau. This compilation is a mix of all categories and competitors.

Sumo in the sky

We told you about the new Sumo suit by Squirrel last week – a new tracking suit for both BASE jumpers and skydivers.


The Sumo suit is now in general production, with the first orders expected to ship out in the next two weeks. Squirrel has just released a new video showing the Sumo in flight. The video features a delightful mix of professionals demonstrating the intricacies of the Sumo, aerial footage and a little bit of eye candy. For everyone. Even if you don’t have the slightest interest in tracking suits or BASE jumping, this video is for you.