Satori Factory – LTD: Episode 1


I have no idea how LTD works, as I am your average Joe working the monotonous day-to-day. However, I am excellent at living vicariously. This is the full version of Episode 1 – LTD from the Satori Factory featuring our talented flying friends from all over the World. Chock full of Arizona’s incredible scenery, infectious laughter (seriously…point 1:57. Best laugh ever), an “I would totally poop my pants cutaway” and a remake of the “Point Break” skydiving scene. “LTD to the max” as I believe Petter states.

If you can watch this is movie theatre mode, it’s like you’re THERE man.  Don’t forget to subscribe to Satori Factory’s YouTube page so you don’t miss a beat!

The Inshredibles

A wee little year-end video, showcasing the highlights of jumper Ben Nelson and friends, based out of Skydive Spaceland.
Ranging from a head down sequential World Record, to head up World Records and general jumping, this video has a little bit of everything.

Footage provided by Ben Nelson, Antonio Arias, Matt Tinley, Tom Johnston, Dalton Swan and Nick Lott

Project: Flight – an all wingsuit movie coming soon!

PF rough cut

Project: Flight is an all wingsuit montage video project that spans multiple nations and participants.  Some of those include our esteemed contributor Chris “Douggs” McDougall and Luke Hively.

GoWorld Project acted as an aggregator to help gather footage from contributors all around the world, resulting in this eye-delight.

The full feature is set to be released on New Year’s Eve. If you plan to be surfing the internet that night, you should bookmark the Negative4 Productions YouTube channel and go watch – or just check it out when you finally get out of bed January 1st, 2015!

This movie was sponsored by Apex BASE and SAFEISH Clothing.

This is DeLand – by Edson Pacheco


Edson Pacheco is a local artist – specializing in the medium of film and photos. Edson used to be a videographer at Skydive DeLand – and his signature move was a little performance at the end of each jump, using an Animal hand puppet (from the Muppet Show). People loved it – and they also loved his professionally put together videos of their jump.

Each year, many jumpers from all over the world visit Skydive DeLand to jump or train. If the weather doesn’t play nice, or if you bring some non-jumping family members or friends, DeLand has lots to offer outside of the dropzone. Check out Edson’s videos for a little taste of our downtown, featuring local skydiving real estate broker Bee Powell of Bee Realty Corp!
DeLand was recently voted the best little downtown for it’s many shops, restaurants and lovely tree covered downtown area.  Come on by, we know you’ll love it!

Paramotoring in Patagonia, Argentina

This video comes to us from Esquel (a small town in Patagonia, Argentina), compliments of Federico Urquizu.

He is not a pilot himself, but has a few friends there that paraglide, speedride and paramotor.  The flying community in Esquel is small, but the views are absolutely breathtaking, especially when viewed through the artistic approach of someone like Federico, or Fede as he likes to be called. We hope to be able to bring you more of his work soon (both in print and video).

In this video, Nico Eyo flies his paramotor under the bridge of Rio Percey, a few kilometers outside of Esquel – becoming the first pilot in that area to do so.