Sumo in the sky

We told you about the new Sumo suit by Squirrel last week – a new tracking suit for both BASE jumpers and skydivers.


The Sumo suit is now in general production, with the first orders expected to ship out in the next two weeks. Squirrel has just released a new video showing the Sumo in flight. The video features a delightful mix of professionals demonstrating the intricacies of the Sumo, aerial footage and a little bit of eye candy. For everyone. Even if you don’t have the slightest interest in tracking suits or BASE jumping, this video is for you.

Knot in a brake line – hello reserve

On a fine Arizona day following a nice skydive, Trunk from Hypoxic turned and tracked, waved off and pulled.

TrunkAfter an uneventful opening, was time to pop the toggles. Some of the excess brake line stowed on the back of his risers had moved around during or before deployment resulting in the toggle being pulled through a loop of sorts.   Reaching up to release the brakes, the excess was knotted up (shown at the end of the video).  Being an experienced skydiver that knows his canopy well, Trunk quickly decided that he would not be able to clear the tangle below his hard deck – if at all – so he went for the reserve and landed uneventfully.
The canopy was a Velocity 103 and it was a balmy, no-wind day in Eloy, AZ

Back in the days of Velcro, the excess brake line was tucked up nice and tight. But Velcro and lines tend to not get along, so by popular demand, manufacturers have moved away from the Velcro to different methods – and some don’t even bother. What works for you? Ever had this happen?

Trunk plans on revisiting his procedures for stowing the excess to minimize the odds of it happening again.

Premature Deployment – Video

Pete Jabczynski sent this in saying, “In 10 years of doing camera I have dodged hook knives, helmets and other skydive stuff. And after one landing I was told I missed some visors but this is the first premature deployment. Everyone landed safe but it was spooky.”

pull my finger

Oops, did I do that?

These are fun to watch — when you know everyone is okay. Who has a fun preemie story of their own to share?


Yes. Yes you did.

No sound on the video, so feel free to crank up Pandora to whatever you think would accompany this best.

Videographer: Pete Jabczynski | SkyJaboProductions

There is yet another website to suck up your time on the ground, Founder  David says,

I am a passionate Hang Gliding pilot and Skydiver and I spend a lot of un-flyable time watching inspirational and epic flight videos. I put my free time this winter towards developing a Video Channel for the flying community - and on facebook: .

Everyone is invited to share Epic and Inspiring Videos about Skydiving, Hang Gliding, paragliding and other forms of human flight on this website. I felt a strong (personal) need for such a platform as it was hard trying not to miss the good videos and filtering through all the mainstream/youtube-suggestions to find them. This channel will also help connecting talented pilots and film-makers on a global scale.

Good luck being productive with the rest of your Friday.