UPT service bulletin #20121106 – Reserve Staging Loop

vectorUPT has released a new service bulletin regarding “Reserve Staging Loop” with a support washer.
If you are not a rigger, this probably sounds like a bit of latin to you – but your rigger will know exactly what to do.

Compliance status is mandatory – at next scheduled inspection/repack cycle.

You can view or download the full bulletin from the UPT website here.

UPT launches new website

Our neighbors across the lawn have just reached deep into the 21st century and came back with a brand, spanking new website.
There is no denying that this is a great improvement in function over the previous one, where finding simple information was much like going on a photo scavenger hunt organized by Sandy Bobo. Pretty fun, highly competitive and you never knew what clicking a link would bring you.
The safety yellow background serves to remind us that skydiving is in fact dangerous.

Go on, mosey on over and see what you think.  Then you can follow-up with liking their Facebook page, which is also where you can leave website feedback, ask questions, tag pictures and do all that stuff we do on Facebook.

UPT Service Bulletin

United Parachute Technologies (UPT), makers of the popular Vector containers, have released Service Bulletin #20110523 for Vector 3 Sport and Student SE containers following a recent incident at Skydive Chicago, Ottawa, IL.

From the bulletin:
BACKGROUND: It was reported that a student jumper after pulling at a planned altitude of 5000’, experienced a very hard opening and broke the upper double zigzag stitching that holds the diagonals in place and tore most of the ring cover off (See Fig1). This allowed the large ring riser attachment to be pulled far away from its normal position, deforming the over the shoulder section of padding and in turn pulled the RSL lanyard releasing the reserve pilot chute.

UPT strongly recommends that you inspect that area of your container for broken stitches, before the next jump and that you consult your rigger if you have any questions or are unsure.
This bulletin is not yet available on UPT’s website, but can be viewed on the webpage of SKYMIK Rigger. Visit this link to view the entire service bulletin complete with pictures illustrating what to look for and how.