Holiday Shutdown

holiday shutdownIf you were planning to stop by in DeLand during the holidays and wanted to visit one of the many local skydiving manufacturers (or your favorite magazine), check the handy list below to know when they are available – or not available.

Aerodyne Research, DeLand, FL: Closing at noon December 24th – January 1st, back on January 2nd. During that time most of the staff will be monitoring email periodically. In case of an emergency, please email

Blue Skies Magazine, DeLand, FL: closed Wednesday December 24th – Wednesday January 1st. Back in the office on the 2nd. During that time we will check email and maybe visit the office a couple of times. If you need us in person, drop us a line!

ChutingStar, DeLand, FL and Marietta, GA: Closed December 24th – 25th, otherwise open for business as normal.

Icarus USA, Pinebluff, NC: Closed December 24th – January 1st, back in office on January 2nd. The Icarus Tour will be at Skydive City, Zepyrhills, FL December 20th – 23rd and at the Sebastian Invasion December 26th – 31st with demos and good cheer.

Mirage Systems, DeLand, FL: December 24th – January 1st, back in the office on January 2nd.

Performance Designs, Inc, DeLand, FL: December 24th – January 5th. Back on January 6th. During the shutdown, you can catch the PD Tour at Skydive City (Zephyrhills, FL) and the Sebastian Invasion (Sebastian, FL).

Sun Path Products, Inc, Raeford, NC: December 20th – January 5th.

United Parachute Technologies, DeLand, FL: Closed as of noon December 19th – January 5th. Back on Monday January 6th.

Vigil America, DeLand, FL: Closed December 20th – January 5th. For immediate technical assistance during that period, contact

Want your skydiving business added to the list? Drop us an email with the dates you are closed, along with any special notices you wish to share. 

UPT Announces: Vector Festival Registration full

A little public service announcement to you from the good folks at UPT, makers of the Vector:

Please note that registration for the Vector Festival in July has reached full capacity of 400.  There will be no on site registration.  Apologies to those who have not registered who wish to attend, we hope to see you next year!


Y-Strap Mandatory on All UPT Tandem Harnesses

United Parachute Technologies has issued PSB 20132005 – Retractable Y Strap – Student Harness, making the previously optional y-strap mandatory on all UPT tandem harnesses by December 1, 2013.

COMPLIANCE DATE: The modification must be completed no later than December 1st, 2013. After that date, no tandem student harness which does not have the Y-Strap Retrofit installed is approved for use on any jump.

COMPLIANCE PROCEDURE: In an effort to reduce the financial impact on system owners, UUPT is selling the Y-Strap Retrofit components kit at its cost. The cost of a Y-Strap Retrofit components kit is
$50.00 (Part#043-001-005). It can be installed by any certificated rigger with minimal effort…

To order the Y-Strap Retrofit component kit, or if you have any questions, please contact Mike Maguire, at Uninsured United Parachute Technologies, LLC, 1645 Lexington Avenue, Deland Florida 32724;Telephone: 386-736-7589; Fax: 386-734-7537; Email:

Download the service bulletin: PSB 20132005 – Retractable Y Strap – Student Harness 

UPT service bulletin #20121106 – Reserve Staging Loop

vectorUPT has released a new service bulletin regarding “Reserve Staging Loop” with a support washer.
If you are not a rigger, this probably sounds like a bit of latin to you – but your rigger will know exactly what to do.

Compliance status is mandatory – at next scheduled inspection/repack cycle.

You can view or download the full bulletin from the UPT website here.

Holiday Closings

If you are planning on bopping around Florida during your Christmas holidays, and need talk to any of the manufacturers, you might want to take a look at their holiday schedules.  Same thing goes for contact made via phone and/or e-mail, just know what to expect. We will start with a few of our neighbors in DeLand and update this post as we learn more.

Aerodyne Research: Dec 24th 2012 through Jan 1st, 2013
Blue Skies Magazine: Dec 24th 2012 – through Jan 1st, 2013 (although you will find us at Skydive Sebastian for the Invasion from Dec 27th – 30th, woo!)
Icarus USA: Dec 24th 2012 – through Jan 1st 2013
Mirage Systems: Dec 24th 2012 – through Jan 1st 2013
Performance Designs
: Closed Dec 21st 2012 – through Jan 1st 2013
United Parachute Technologies: Dec 20th 2012 – through Jan 1st 2013
Vigil America: Dec 20th 2012 – through Jan 1st 2013

 Let us know if you have questions about anyone else, and we’ll do our best to dig up their holiday schedule!

Please note: this list does assume that the world does not come to an end on the 21st of Dec.